BBC’s Charlie Stayt left talking to himself as Labour’s Ashworth suffers on-air glitch


BBC’s Charlie Stayt left talking to himself as Labour’s Ashworth suffers on-air glitch

BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt was left talking to himself for over 20 seconds thinking Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth was listening during a video call glitch. Mr Ashworth’s video call stopped working with his face frozen on the screen. Mr Stayt continued his line of questioning on coronavirus thinking the Labour MP was there before realising his error.

Mr Stayt confessed he thought Mr Ashworth was listening intently from his lack of movement and response.

Mr Stayt and co-host Naga Munchetty laughed about the issue before reconnecting with Mr Ashworth.

Ms Munchetty introduced Ms Ashworth and noted there were growing tensions in the Tory Party over the new tier coronavirus measures. 

Mr Stayt said: “Let us find out now where Labour stand on all this.

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“Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth joins us from Leicester.

“Good Morning to you and thank you for your time this morning.

“So as it stands, Jonathan Ashworth, is the Labour Party going to be able to vote for these measures?”

After an awkward pause, the BBC host realised the glitch and began discussing the situation with Ms Munchetty while laughing.

Mr Stayt said: “My apologies, it was one of those Zoom moments where I thought I was looking at an image that worked.

“I thought Jonathan Ashworth was listening intently but in fact, the image had frozen.

“So we did have one of those moments where that did occur and we are just now waiting to find out if there is something has changed.”

Ms Munchetty argued: “I bet what has happened on Jonathan Ashworth’s side.

“Often when you are on that side of the Zoom call, you don’t realise the line has gone down.

“So he is probably giving his first answer as we speak.”

When Mr Ashworth reconnected the trio continued to laugh about it and the Labour MP apologised before continuing with the interview. 

Published at Fri, 27 Nov 2020 09:15:00 +0000


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