BT cuts broadband prices to new low, but there are cheaper deals if you know where to look


Fancy starting the New Year with cheaper broadband bills? That’s exactly what BT is offering customers right now as it has slashed prices across a swathe of plans. Its latest barrage of deals, dubbed the “Power Up” sale, just launched with prices now starting from under £25 a month – that’s some of the lowest BT has ever offered.

That huge discount is for the firm’s basic Fibre Essential plan, which offers speeds of around 35Mbps. That’s around half of the cost of the average broadband connection in the UK, but should be enough for a bit of Netflix, which suggests 5Mbps to watch its content in High Definition.

If you want something faster then there’s also Fibre 1 available for £27.99 (50Mbps speeds) or Fibre 2 for £29.99 (73Mbps downloads).

Anyone with full fibre coming into their homes can also take advantage of BT’s half price offers which offers huge cost cuts for the first three months of the deal. For example, you can currently get BT’s best 900Mbps speeds for just £27.95 per month. This ultrafast technology allows customers to download a full HD movie in just 40 seconds. This ultimate broadband also comes with an Xbox Game Pass for year.

All of these deals include unlimited downloads and BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee, which means things should never drop beyond a certain threshold. This applies to both download and upload speeds, which is handy for those who work from home …or don’t like buffering.

But while existing customers who are out-of-contract with BT will be able to keep the same Wi-Fi hub and speeds while dropping their monthly bills, but there is something even cheaper if you are happy to switch to another provider.

Vodafone has just launched its big Winter Sale event with the firm slashing the price of its broadband access. This means those signing up can get access to the web for just £19 per month.

This price includes speeds of 38Mbps which is just about fast enough for streaming Netflix and surfing the web. If you want something a little bit faster there’s also Vodafone’s Superfast 2 service with 78Mbps speeds for £20 per month. Both of these offers include unlimited downloads and Vodafone’s latest smart router.

Three Mobile offers something a little different to its rivals. That’s because it beams the web to homes via its 4G and 5G data networks.

One bonus of this technology is that there’s no tricky installation with Three sending out its router in the post and customers simply needing to plug it into the mains.

Three has some seriously aggressive pricing right now with the ISP offering the first six months for half the usual price. That means customers can get 4G speeds (around 100Mbps) for just £11.50 per month or faster 5G (over 100Mbps) for £15. These deals also include a free Toshiba TV or Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

Published at Wed, 05 Jan 2022 09:53:49 +0000

BT cuts broadband prices to new low, but there are cheaper deals if you know where to look


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