Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak mode: Top five Zombies tips from MrDalekJD


    With Call of Duty’s mid-season update breathing new life in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, fans are flocking back to the game in droves.

    The highlight of Call of Duty Season 2 has the addition of the Zombies Outbreak mode, which massively ups the scale on the undead front.

    If you’re looking to improve your skills in Outbreak, then popular YouTube personality MrDalekJD has provided his top five tips to help you become a master at Zombies.

    Zombies Outbreak: Top 5 Tips

    40 is the magic number

    Once you’ve activated the machine in the designated area of Verdansk, you will have to eliminate 40 Zombies in order to collect the elusive yellow access card that grants you a secret loot chest.

    This doesn’t have to necessarily be done by yourself, other members of your squad can help take out the undead, as can enemy players, but once the 40th Zombie has been killed, look out for the yellow card!

    Unlimited Rewards

    When you open that yellow loot chest using the access card, you’d probably think that the rewards end there.

    However, you can actually activate the Zombies event as many times as you can during a game of Warzone, meaning you can multiply the number of times you open the yellow crate.

    Doing this will allow your entire squad to be fully kitted out with unique items that can’t be found anywhere else: such as a durable gas mask which allows you to survive longer in the gas.

    They’re getting smarter

    As the weeks go on with Zombies in Verdansk, more and more different “types” of Zombies are appearing.

    Beyond just the typical Zombie, you need to watch out for Nova Gas Zombies that emit a cloud of poisonous gas that will stun you for a few moments.

    Aside from that is the explosive Zombies which explode upon running towards your presence. Keep your eyes peeled because who knows what other mutations could emerge…

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    If the flight path of the plane is above Prison or any other Zombie infested location, you should think twice about dropping into these areas as they are likely to be very busy.

    The inner sections of Prison are incredibly dark and there are multiple levels, so it is very easy for enemies to hide in the shadows: but there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.

    Weaponise your surroundings

    Guns aren’t the only way you can take down the hordes in Warzone – vehicles make for a great substitute for easily mowing down the undead very quickly!

    These tips and tricks were written by YouTube gaming creator, MrDalekJD. You can check out his Call of Duty content on his YouTube channel.

    Published at Thu, 01 Apr 2021 13:52:25 +0000

    Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak mode: Top five Zombies tips from MrDalekJD


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