Cher and Elvis Presley relationship: Did Cher ever date The King? ‘Nervous’


    Both Cher and Elvis Presley married young, only for their relationships to end in divorce at a similar time. Cher tied the knot with her singing partner Sonny Bono in 1969, divorcing in 1975, while Elvis married Priscilla Presley in 1967 for their relationship to end in 1973. For a brief moment, the pair could have come together – but did they?

    According to Cher, while Elvis Presley did ask her out, things never took off between them.

    In fact, the date did not even happen, due to Cher being a little rusty in the dating game.

    Cher met her first husband, Sonny, in 1962 when she was just 16-years-old and soon began working for him as his housekeeper.

    At this time he was a performer and she was looking to get her big break.

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    Eventually, they became friends, then lovers, having an unofficial marriage ceremony in 1964.

    They had one child, Chaz, in March 1969, after which they officially married.

    They separated in February 1974 but after their divorce in 1975, Cher found it hard to date, as she told David Letterman in 2010.

    She said: “I had been married to Sonny for so long, 11 years. So when I got out, I was really excited, but I wasn’t quite with it.”

    Elvis, on the other hand, had a little more dating experience in his youth, until he met his wife-to-be, 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, while he was serving in the US Army in Germany.

    They kept in touch after his return to the USA and in 1963, she moved permanently to Graceland to be with him.

    They eventually married in May 1967, having their first child exactly nine months later.

    However, the marriage fell apart over time, ending in divorce in 1973 after 18 months of separation.


    It was after Cher became single, and Elvis had been single for a couple of years, that the singer has admitted she was asked to spend a weekend with The King.

    Cher had been a fan of The King from a young age, telling The Talk in 2017: “My mom took me to see him when I was, like, 10 or 11 and it was so exciting and I remember that all the girls were standing up screaming on their chairs and I hadn’t gotten to that point yet.

    “I wasn’t sure what that whole thing was, but I said to my mom, ‘Can we stand up on our chairs and scream?’

    “My mom said, ‘Sure let’s do that’. I was screaming for him before I even knew why I was screaming for him.”

    So when Elvis invited her to Las Vegas, she was flattered – and while she intended to go, in the end it never went to plan.

    Admitting she had “heard things” about the singer, Cher said: “I got nervous. I didn’t get there. I was that nervous.

    “I wish I had. Marlon Brando too. I wish I had.”.

    Only four days after Cher and Sonny’s divorce was finalised, she married her second husband, musician Gregg Allman.

    The pair met in January 1975 backstage at one of his solo shows in Los Angeles, while Cher was there on a date with David Geffin.

    As for Elvis, he began a relationship with Linda Thompson after meeting in July 1972, which lasted around four years.

    They split at the end of 1976, after which he took up with Ginger Alden, who was there on the day of his death in August 1977.

    While Cher may have been too nervous to date Elvis, she came into her stride later, declaring she had ‘the greatest lovers.’

    David Letterman went on in his interview to name various other men who had been linked to Cher over the years, to which she responded: “What is this? This is My Life in men? It’s come to that?! This is beneath you…

    “There’s a lot more than that. We’re not talking Cleopatra numbers… the truth is, everyone was more promiscuous than me… I just had the greatest lovers ever.”

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    Cher and Elvis Presley relationship: Did Cher ever date The King? ‘Nervous’


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