Chris Packham speaks out for dogs over attacks on animals ‘You can’t blame them!’


    Nature presenter Chris Packham clashed with journalist Mike Parry on ITV’s Good Morning Britain after Mr Parry suggested all dogs should be put down following any attack on animals or humans. The pair debated the death of a River Thames seal who had to be put down following a dog attack with Mr Packham explaining every dog has a “killer instinct” within it. He added that it was the responsibility of the owner to manage that and to train the dog to not lash out at anything which could be confusing in its environment. 

    The young common seal, which had been given the name in honour of the late Queen singer by walkers in Barnes, west London, was bitten by the dog on Sunday.

    Freddie was found to have a fractured flipper and a dislocated joint, with veterinarians at South Essex Wildlife Hospital concluding the “only ethical and fair option” was to put him to sleep.

    Appearing on Good Morning Britain, host Kate Garraway asked Mr Packham that proposals to have all dogs on leads on public lands may prevent many people from owning dogs since they can not exercise them off the lead on private land – for example in dense cities or towns. 

    Mr Packham replied: “I think that is entirely inappropriate, there are ten million dogs here in the UK and there are plenty of places where they can be exercised off the lead. 


    Published at Fri, 26 Mar 2021 08:43:00 +0000

    Chris Packham speaks out for dogs over attacks on animals ‘You can’t blame them!’


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