Clint Eastwood wife: Is Clint Eastwood married? How many wives has he had?


Clint Eastwood wife: Is Clint Eastwood married? How many wives has he had?

Clint Eastwood became a household name for his work in Spaghetti Westerns such as the Dollars Trilogy from Sergio Leone, as well as playing the antihero in Dirty Harry. He is now 90-years-old and a true veteran of cinema and celebrity. His love life has been wild, to say the least – but how many times has he been married?

Is Clint Eastwood married?

Despite having had numerous relationships and children, Clint Eastwood is not currently married.

He has, in his 90 years, been married twice, but is known for his numerous infidelities within marriage which have resulted in many children whose mothers are not known publicly.

His first marriage was to Maggie Johnson, whom he met in 1953 on a blind date.

While they were dating, he went to Seattle to join a theatre group where he met an unknown woman, with whom he had a short relationship which led to her becoming pregnant with his first child, Laurie.

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Despite this, Clint married Maggie in December 1953, a couple of months before Laurie was born and subsequently adopted by a family in Seattle.

In 1959, Clint started his long-lasting affair with stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis, with whom he had a daughter, Kimber, born in 1964.

Kimber’s identity was kept secret until 1989, and she attended a film premiere with her father in 2018.

Roxanne and Clint had an affair for a reported 14 years, and biographer Mark Eliot claimed Maggie, Clint’s wife, had no idea he had a second child outside their marriage.

Mark wrote: “It is difficult to say for sure that she actually knew about the baby, although it would have been nearly impossible for her not to.

“Everyone on the set knew … and it is simply too difficult to keep a secret like that when the mother and the illegitimate child live in the same small town, especially when that small town is Hollywood.”

Maggie had two children with Clint herself: Kyle, born in 1968 and Alison, born in 1972.

In 1972, Clint met actress Sondra Locke, and three years later they began working together, at which time Sondra claims Clint said there was “no relationship” between him and his wife Maggie.

She wrote in her autobiography: “Clint seemed astonished at his need for me, even admitting that he’d never been faithful to one woman — because he’d ‘never been in love before,’ he confided.

“He even made up a song about it: ‘She made me monogamous.’ That flattered and delighted me.


“I would never doubt his faithfulness and his love for me.”

In the same year, Clint moved Sondra into his home which he had shared with Maggie, who had at this point moved to Pebble Beach. Clint divorced Maggie nine years later.

He continued to live with Sondra, despite Sondra herself also being married to Gordon Anderson, a sculptor.

But despite Sondra believing Clint would never be unfaithful to her, he restarted his various dalliances in the 1980s, and later had a short affair with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, with whom he had son Scott and daughter Kathryn.

His name was not listed on their birth certificates, so both were legally fatherless.

In 1989, Clint and Sondra split up, and the pair battled for a decade with various lawsuits, with the final one being settled in 1999.

During the 1980s Clint continued his dating and dalliances until he started dating actress Frances Fisher in 1988.

They had a daughter, Francesca, born in 1993, but the couple split in 1995 after Frances reportedly became aware of Clint’s ‘secret’ families with former mistresses.

He started dating TV newsreader Dina Ruiz at some time between their meeting in 1993 and their public appearances in 1995, though he had not announced his split with Frances.

They married on March 31, 1996, with Clint saying: “I’m proud to make this lady my wife. She’s the one I’ve been waiting for.”

The couple had their daughter, Morgan, in December of that year, but in 2013 Dina filed for divorce from Clint, which was finalised in December 2014.

Clint’s last known girlfriend was Christina Sandera, who is 33 years his junior, whom he brought to the Oscars in 2015.

Many have speculated as to how many children Clint has, with various sources suggesting and asking whether he has other children.

In an interview with Playboy, the writer noted: “The number is unconfirmed and Eastwood is reticent about the issue.”

However, Closer magazine reported in 2020 the actor “keeps in touch with all eight of his children and their families.”

The publication added: “He’s taken great comfort that at this time of his life, all his kids are close.”

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