Elvis Presley: Graceland’s SECRET underground tunnel rumour – The King’s cousin speaks out


Elvis Presley: Graceland’s SECRET underground tunnel rumour – The King’s cousin speaks out

’s home of Graceland may be open to the public but there are areas there that are off-limits. This includes his private area upstairs, but what about rumours that he had a secret underground tunnel at the Memphis mansion? Well Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith – who lived at Graceland – has spoken out in an interview.

Appearing on his son Danny Smith’s YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid, Billy was asked in fan question: “Is there a secret tunnel under Graceland?”

Surprisingly, Elvis’ cousin replied: “Oh yes!

“He found out John Kennedy had a tunnel built because he was supposedly seeing Marilyn Monroe.

“Elvis, in the sixties, early sixties, he decided he’d have a tunnel built off of the washroom when you come out of the pool room to the left.”

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These include a styrofoam cup that’s sitting on a bookshelf, but also the last record he played is still in the player.

The vinyl in question was a fresh recording of JD Sumner and The Stamps.

Upstairs at Graceland is Elvis’ bedroom, bathroom and office, plus Lisa Marie’s bedroom.

The King’s daughter, who owns Graceland, has a key to the private area and still goes there for personal use.

Lisa Marie has said in interviews that Graceland’s upstairs is where she feels safest in the whole world.

As a child, she would spend time up there with her father, who had a little chair and TV put in her room.

To this day, Lisa Marie sees Graceland as her home, sometimes staying overnight when visiting friends and family Memphis.

While also eating Thanksgiving dinner there on occasion and enjoying the home with her family when closed to the public.

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