Fortnite downtime: Epic Games Fortnite servers shutting down for update 14.10


Fortnite downtime: Epic Games Fortnite servers shutting down for update 14.10

A new Chapter 2 Season 4 update is being released today, and that will mean downtime and maintenance.

Servers will be going offline for at least an hour, meaning you won’t be able for a period on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

The good news is that this new patch will include a number of bug fixes and tweaks for gamers who have been hit by recent issues.

The only downside is that Fortnite update 14.10 will be large than usual. Epic Games revealed as much earlier today, meaning gamers will need to find some extra room.

As many Fortnite fans will already know, this latest patch will not be coming to iOS devices, and it doesn’t sound like any changes will be happening soon.

A recent message from Epic Games adds: “Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Epic Games accounts using “Sign In with Apple” as soon as September 11, 2020.

“If you have previously used “Sign In with Apple”, please update your Epic Games account email address and password immediately so that you can still log in after September 11, 2020.

“If you were unable to update your email address prior to “Sign In with Apple” support ending and are no longer seeing “Sign In with Apple” as a login option, we still may be able to recover your account manually.

“Please click “CONTACT US” below and provide us with the verification code that was in the email you received about this (the email subject line is: “IMPORTANT! Epic Games account update required for continued access”). The verification code you received should look like this: ABC-123-DEF.”

According to Epic Games, update 14.10 will fix a problem with replays not saving on PS4.

The patch will also fix multiple issues with the Glider, a problem with Silver Surfer’s Board, and a rather irritating matter concerning Supply Drops.

Some players have also run into problems when trying to consume or throw fish while in passenger seat.

Elsewhere, it’s possible update 14.10 will introduce new items and potentially make changes to the map.

Epic has already added Ant Manor to the map, as well as The Collection, which is a nod to The Collector’s museum from Guardians of the Galaxy.


According to Epic Games, Fortnite servers are scheduled to go offline on Thursday, September 10, on PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch and Mobile.

This means that Battle Royale and Save the World modes will be unplayable for the duration of the maintenance period.

Epic estimates downtime could last up to three hours; however, it’s more likely that everything will be completed sooner.

Recent updates have taken a shorter amount of time to be deployed, but it should be noted that today’s Fortnite update will be larger than usual.

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite server downtime and maintenance will begin at 9am, BST.

This means that Fortnite will be unavailable in the United States from 4am ET onward, for however long maintenance lasts.

More news will be shared after today’s Fortnite update has been released across all platforms.

This is usually done by releasing patch notes on social media channels.

Published at Thu, 10 Sep 2020 01:48:20 +0000


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