Fortnite Season 4: Is Fortnite Season 4 coming out with these big skins?


Fortnite Season 4: Is Fortnite Season 4 coming out with these big skins?

Fortnite Season 4 is coming soon to most platforms and there’s plenty to look forward to when the big updates lands.

For now, Epic Games’ Battle Pass site is listing Fortnite Season 3 as ending on Tuesday, August 26, 2020.

And if there are no last-minute setbacks or delays, Fortnite Season 4 should be kicking off next week.

The only worrying signs are that we haven’t found out much regarding what is being planned for Season 4.

But like with many seasonal updates in the past, leakers have been providing plenty of hints on what is coming next.


According to new leaker information, Epic Games could be starting Fortnite Season 4 with some top skin choices for the Battle Pass.

Dataminer Twitter account HypeX has shared news suggesting Marvel events and skins could be coming to the game in a big way.

A message from the account adds: “I’ve seen some of you guess this already, but yeah Season 4 *MIGHT* be Marvel-themed, and Thor & his hammer are gonna be cosmetics (this is via my source).

“Also the trailer might start with a girl cornered in some alleyway by armed skins and she gets saved.

“If this doesn’t happen that means epic changed the idea, so please don’t be mad at me, but I trust my source because he told me about the comic book before it got leaked.”

Another message adds: “Epic was planning to make a Wolverine skin & Wolverine Claws pickaxe, he might be the season 4 secret skin or just an item shop skin! (this is from a very trusted source).”

Audio leaks have also been cited by other accounts that include reports of Galactus being part of the new season.

This may add up to a big reveal coming with the release of Fortnite Season 4, however, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As mentioned above, Epic Games could have a number of plans for Season 4, some of which may not come to fruition.

So until we hear more from Epic Games directly, everything remains a rumour or a report.

While there is a lot of talk surrounding the release of new Marvel skins in Fortnite, there are plenty coming for DC Comic fans too.

Epic Games confirmed it plans to bring The Joker to Battle Royale as part of a new bundle.

It’s all part of The Last Laugh bundle, which includes The Joker, Poison Ivy and the Midas Rex outfit.

The only bad news is that fans will have to wait a long time for the November 17 release date rolls around.

The news was announced in a special blog post by Epic Games: “Following the return of Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn to Fortnite, we need to shine the Bat-Signal once again for big news coming this Fall!

“Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker, arrives in Fortnite via The Last Laugh Bundle releasing on November 17.

“Check out all of The Joker offerings below including The Joker Outfit, Laugh Riot Back Bling, Bad Joke Pickaxe, The Joker’s Revenge Pickaxe, and the Pick a Card Emote.”

In addition to the new cosmetic items joining the item shop as part of the bundle, The Last Laugh also contains 1,000 V-Bucks.

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