Fortnite Visit NBA Creative Hub – How to visit hub and complete NBA Challenges


    UPDATE: In a new update from Epic Games, the development team has confirmed that they are still looking into today’s issue with completing a Visit to the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub Challenge, and others.

    The latest message reads: “We’re continuing to look into reports that players are unable to complete some of the NBA Challenges in Creative mode. We’ll provide an update soon.”

    Some gamers are reporting being able to complete the current NBA Challenges tonight, meaning the fix could be rolling out. More on this week’s new Fortnite NBA Challenges can be found below.

    ORIGINALFortnite fans can complete a new set of NBA challenges across all platforms today, but some are proving more difficult than others.

    The 2nd half of Fortnite’s NBA Crossover event arrived on May 25, 2021, with a big part being played in Fortnite Creative. One of this week’s new quests includes visiting the Fortnite NBA Welcome Hub, which can be found in Creative Mode.

    A message from Epic Games adds: “This hoops-inspired haven, built by Atlas Creative, brings the NBA to Fortnite Creative.

    “As you explore the Welcome Hub, you’ll find a wide array of basketball-themed areas to explore and you can view and purchase the new NBA Outfits directly from the Welcome Hub.”

    The complete list of challenges includes a Visit to the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub, which rewards you with 50,000 XP.

    There is also:

    • Play a match of Court Crashers for 50,000 XP
    • Collect coins in Court Crashers for 50,000 XP
    • And Complete all “The Crossover” challenges

    But some gamers are struggling with the Visit Fortnite NBA Creative Hub part of those challenges. This includes accessing the NBA Hub, only to find that the visit has not been logged by the game.

    The good news is that for those who have been affected, it appears that issues with finding the correct spot is down to a glitch, rather than not finding the right spot.

    A message from Epic Games on Twitter confirms as much, revealing that it might not be possible to complete this part just yet.

    “We’re investigating an issue preventing players from completing their NBA Challenges. We’ll provide an update once the issue is resolved.”

    With how everything is set up, players should be able to just head over to the Creative Mode and find the NBA Hub without any issues.

    This means completing the task by going to the NBA Creative via the in-game menu, which should be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Mobile.

    So until the problem is fixed, gamers might have to wait a little while to pick up that extra XP.

    More details regarding the NBA Hub can be found below, including what will be available when the issues have been solved:


    While exploring the Hub, you’ll be surrounded by clips covering this season’s best highlights. With the 2021 NBA Playoffs underway, celebrate dunks, dimes, buzzer beaters, and the best plays of the regular season, as Fortnite brings video into Creative Mode for the first time ever. 

    A new NBA highlight reel will be showcased in the Hub each day:

    • May 25 – Top Plays of the Season
    • May 26 – Dazzling Dunks
    • May 27 – Crossovers & Handles
    • May 28 – Clutch Plays
    • May 29 – Top Rejections
    • May 30 – Top Dimes
    • May 31 – Top Plays of the Season (Encore)


    We’re also excited to bring you an NBA-themed LTM showcase — The Crossover: Court Crashers — also created by AtlasCreative. Launch yourself off huge jumps and land big dunks on basketball hoops to score points. Queue up for The Crossover: Court Crashers playlist to play or enter code 1898-7178-3313 to check it out privately.

    Complete The Crossover quest by playing the Court Crashers LTM and visiting the NBA Welcome Hub. You will score XP as you complete each challenge and unlock a Basketball Hoop Banner as the final reward!

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    Fortnite Visit NBA Creative Hub – How to visit hub and complete NBA Challenges


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