'Such is the loathing and hate of the left' Nigel Farage hits out at attacks on US tour


    Nigel Farage was called on to defend the success of his speaking tour of the United States after GMB Susanna Reid raised reports of low turnout. The former Brexit Party leader blasted left-wing “cancel mob” for spreading inaccurate information about the response to his tour which Mr Farage argued had attracted crowds of “thousands.” Mr Farage told the ITV host that the “loathing and hate of the left” was driving the false narrative.

    Mr Farage told Good Morning Britain: “Just I have just finished an event here in Pheonix there were well over a thousand people there.

    “Really uproarious mood and of course Brexit, the Trump phenomenon they are all part of the same thing we fighting common enemies.

    “Yet what you get are these ridiculous cancel culture mobs putting out lies on Twitter that no one is turning up and all the rest of it.

    “I have been touring now for five weeks, it has been very successful. Big audience every single night.”

    Host Nick Turnball jumped in and said: “It was reported the date of your tour was reported to have attracted just 21 people six of whom were members of your own team.”

    “Is that not true?” he asked.

    Mr Farage replied: “I can show you the photographs from that night, that was in Pittsburgh and there were about 250 there.

    “Alright not as many as a thousand tonight but still a very respectable decent crowd.”

    He added: “But this is the world we live in.

    “The left just make up fake news the entire time such is their loathing and hatred of those of us that believe in national democracy.”

    The former UKIP leader has previously taken to social media to defend his ‘America’s Comeback’ Tour against a “hoaxer” buying up tickets with no intention of attending the rallies.

    Mr Farage wrote on Twitter: “The hoaxers who have booked fake tickets to my events in America have overplayed their hand. Thanks for the publicity, free speech will win.”

    Published at Wed, 26 May 2021 06:57:00 +0000

    'Such is the loathing and hate of the left' Nigel Farage hits out at attacks on US tour


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