Get iPhone 12 mini half price and FREE AirPods: best Apple smartphone deals revealed


Get iPhone 12 mini half price and FREE AirPods: best Apple smartphone deals revealed

has two new smartphones going on sale today including the mighty iPhone 12 Pro Max and the pocket-sized iPhone 12 mini. This smaller device could prove to be hugely popular as it’s not only easier to use one-handed but is also the cheapest of the bunch. The mini costs £699 which is £400 less than the Pro Max and despite its cut-priced cost and diddy design it still packs an impressive punch. For your money, you get a 5.4-inch OLED screen, fast A14 Bionic processor and picture-perfect dual-lens camera.

There’s also a more durable design thanks to Apple’s Ceramic Shield technology and this device can access the latest 5G data speeds which will whizz the web to the phone at speeds of over 300Mbps. recently

If this device takes your fancy then there’s plenty of deals on the market which are making it a very tempting purchase, including half-price contracts and free AirPods.

Apple Stores also remain open for ‘click-and-collect’ so it’s easy to order online and pick up the device without having to wait.

Here’s some of the best deals available right now on the iPhone 12 mini.


THREE MOBILE: Three is offering half-price deals for the first six months of the contract. That means you can get an iPhone 12 mini for just £29 per month (for the first six months).

It is worth noting that after this initial period, things increase to over £59 per month for the rest of the 24-month contract so make sure you’re happy to pay this higher price before signing up to the half-price deal.

Three is also bundling a pair of AirPods with this contract which are worth £159.

VODAFONE: Vodafone is offering new something new via its trade-in programme. Those who own an iPhone X, XS, XS MAX or XR can hand it over to the mobile network in return for money off their monthly bill.

In fact, there’s up to £15 per month off new contracts meaning you can own an iPhone 12 mini on Vodafone’s Unlimited Max plan, which includes fast 5G speeds, for £46 per month.

EE: EE is offering a range of deals including the new iPhone 12 mini on its Full Works plan. This bundle includes uncapped and unlimited mobile data plus access to Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade for a fixed price.

The iPhone 12 mini 5G 64GB is available from EE for £71 per month, plus £30 upfront fee on the Full Works. If that sounds a bit pricey the network is also selling the mini with 100GB of data for £64 per month.

VIRGIN MEDIA: Virgin Media’s iPhone mini contracts start from £31 a month although this is based on a 36 month contract and only includes 1GB of data.

Customers who purchase a new iPhone 12 mini with a Freestyle contract will be upgraded to 5G for free once Virgin Media’s 5G services are available. The firm is also offering AirPods for an extra £1 per month on your contract.

SKY MOBILE: Sky is offering a number of incentives for customers who buy the iPhone 12 mini including double data on some plans plus £30 off AirPods.

These deals mean you can pop the mini in your pocket for £30 per month which includes 4GB of data.

APPLE: Apple is offering zero percent interest on its iPhone 12 mini which means you can buy one and pay for it over 24 months. Prices start from just £29.12 although this can be reduced if you have an older iPhone to trade in. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t include any data, minutes or texts so you’ll have to add that on to the monthly cost via a SIM-only plan.

If you want to buy directly from Apple the US firm says its stores in England are currently open for ‘click-and-collect’ including returns.

In Wales and Scotland, Apple Stores are currently open for ‘appointment only’ – pickup of online orders, Genius Support by making an appointment, and shopping by reserving a one-to-one session with a Specialist.

And in N Ireland Apple Stores are currently open for ‘Express Storefront’ – pickup of online orders and Genius Support by making an appointment.

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