‘He’s off!’ Andi Peters runs off Lorraine as he refuses to chat to reporter Ross King


    Andi Peters joined Cat Deeley on Lorraine in the studio as he shared details of the latest competition. However, he quickly rushed off when Cat revealed Ross was coming up next on the show to talk about his exclusive interview with singer Demi Lovato. Andi didn’t even bother to make an excuse for his exit but simply got up and ran off.

    Cat remarked: “I think he’s asleep,” pointing to Andi, who could be seen reclining in an armchair.

    “No I’m just relaxing, sunbathing,” Andi shouted. “What’s on next?”

    Cat replied: “Ross, he’s in LA,” before the presenter jumped up and ran off set.

    “Oh God Ross, okay, no way, can’t stay for that,” Andi exclaimed as he disappeared leaving Cat stunned.

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    The presenter was left looking a little confused before welcoming the entertainment reporter live from LA.

    “Ross, good morning,” she began as Ross joked: “Good morning, everyone’s a critic.”

    Cat confirmed Andi was still in the ITV studios but had just hidden behind the cameras.

    As a shot of the presenter popped up, Andi said: “Love you Ross,” before blowing him a kiss.

    Another added: “Love, love, love #CatDeeley ! Keep her permanently please!”

    A third continued: “Cat Deeley on the box. In for #lorraine Hope this become a permanent fixture!”

    However, some weren’t as impressed as they begged for Lorraine Kelly to return to her chat show.

    “@catdeeley is god awful on this show. She’s managed to push her way in now she failed in the USA,” one unimpressed viewer posted.

    Published at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 09:03:00 +0000

    ‘He’s off!’ Andi Peters runs off Lorraine as he refuses to chat to reporter Ross King


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