How to change clock display on Apple Watch?


How to change clock display on Apple Watch?

Not content with being the best selling watch in the world, the Apple Watch is also the most accurate. As a result, owners of  Watch need to do nothing at all when the UK switches from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This is because the cutting-edge wearable will automatically update the time when it switches from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Developer Apple confirmed on its site how time zone information is automatically updated on all their devices.

The Silicon Valley giant wrote: “If a country, region, or government announces a time-related change, such as a change to a time zone:

“Apple sends a time zone update to your device.


To check for time zone updates for your Apple Watch, use the iPhone paired with it.

Should there be an alert stating an updated time zone information is available, restart the Apple Watch to get the update, then restart it.

If such an alert is not visible on the Apple Watch, return to the previous settings screen, wait a few minutes, then tap Date And Time again.

If you see a time zone update message near the bottom of Date And Time settings, restart your Apple Watch to get the update and then restart after a couple of minutes.

How to share an Apple Watch face:

Because Apple Watch owners can relax safe in the knowledge no action is needed for when the clocks go back, they can spend some time sharing watch faces with friends.

Shared faces can include the complications included in watchOS as well as those created by third-parties.

But please note how the recipient of watch faces must also have an Apple Watch with watchOS 7.

On an Apple Watch, start by showing the watch face you wish to share with someone else.

Next, touch and hold the display, then tap the Share button, then simple tap Add Contact to add a recipient, then select Create Message to compose your message.

Finally, tap the name of the watch face, then Don’t Include for any complications you do not wish to share, before hitting Send.

How to receive an Apple Watch face:

Apple Watch owners can receive shared watch faces sent in Messages or Mail, or even by clicking an online link.

Begin by opening a text, email, or link containing a shared Apple Watch face.

Next, tap the shared watch face, then select Add.

If you receive a watch face with a complication from a third-party app, tap the price of the app or download the app from the App Store.

Apple Watch can also tap Continue Without This App to get the watch face without the third-party complication.

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