League of Legends Wild Rift beta dates revealed ahead of LoL Mobile release news


League of Legends Wild Rift beta dates revealed ahead of LoL Mobile release news

Developers Riot Games has announced its plans to launch League of Legends Wild Rift into a new round of beta testing.

This will give more gamers the chance to test out LoL on Mobile, albeit, only for a short time.

According to a new announcement made this week by the development team, the new Wild Rift beta will be entering a weeks-long Closed Beta phase, starting today.

The one downside is that it will only be available to download in certain regions, with the UK and the United States not included at this time.

The good news is that this should be changing over the coming months, with more countries set to get access.

For now, the mobile version of the game is only expanding its Android testing to players in some regions in Southeast Asia.

“The Wild Rift team is hoping to gain feedback on how to continue improving the game before launch, and has been developing features, bug fixes, and player-requested quality-of-life improvements,” a message from today’s announcement adds.

“Players who are pre-registered for Wild Rift on the Google Play Store will be randomly selected in waves to gain access, with some content creators, media and VIPs directly invited when their regions come online.

“Players in Southeast Asia can create a Riot account to receive rewards after Wild Rift enters Open Beta in SEA. All Wild Rift accounts will be reset in early October, and all Wild Cores purchased will be returned with a 20% bonus on top as a thank you to players for helping us test.”

League of Legends Wild Rift will also see a new content boost during this latest period, adding six new champions, cosmetic items, and a ranked system.

The new LoL Mobile beta will roll out in Indonesia first with Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore to follow.

While this report is aimed at those with Android phones, it appears that more iOS support is coming during the test phase.

Riot Games recently expanded its iOS email registration phase, so more news regarding Apple users is expected soon.

League of Legends Wild Rift still has a 2020 release date attached for Mobile platforms, with the latest news on the release date adding:

“For mobile, we’re coming to iOS and Android, and you can pre-register on the Google Play Store right now. For console… we’ll have more info on that a bit later in 2020.

“For Android, we’re hoping to have compatibility for these specs and above: 1.5GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU. We’re working to support 32-bit Android processors.

“For iOS devices, we’re aiming to have Wild Rift run on iPhone 6 and later.”

Here are some of the new features and content being released as part of the new League of Legends Wild Rift beta in September 2020:

SIX NEW CHAMPIONS: Six champions from the broad world of Runeterra will be hitting the Rift, available to earn or purchase from the start of the Closed Beta: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Jarvan IV, Sona, Singed, and Varus.

COSMETIC ITEMS: For the first time, skins and other cosmetic content will be available for purchase (using Wild Rift’s paid currency, Wild Cores), with nearly 300 new items, including skins, emotes and recalls—as well as new items like champ poses, in-game emblems, and baubles, a way to flex on your opponents when you land a killing blow.

RANKED: Wild Rift’s full ranked system debuts, featuring a new tier, Emerald. Ranked offers a competitive and fun way to play with friends, and in the upper tiers, a Victory Points system (similar to League PC’s League Points) for players to jockey for the coveted top spots on the leaderboards.

CAMERA AND CONTROLS: The in-game camera and control options have been significantly improved, with semi-locked camera, picture-in-picture, minimap movement, and custom button layouts available for players to tailor their play.

iOS TESTING: Players are able to sign up on the Wild Rift website for a chance at joining a small test for iOS devices, running alongside the Closed Beta.

Published at Tue, 15 Sep 2020 23:01:00 +0000


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