Marvel’s Avengers release time and launch date news for PS4, Xbox and PC


Marvel’s Avengers release time and launch date news for PS4, Xbox and PC

Marvel’s Avengers is already available for some gamers to download and play this week but for those still waiting, there isn’t long to go.

Developers Square Enix has provided a ton of opportunities for gamers to test out the new game in 2020, so everyone should know what it’s all about.

For those who might have missed those recent betas, Marvel’s Avengers is a team-based action-adventure game that boasts an impressive lineup of heroes.

And with inner-linking multiplayer options and big plans for future content, there’s plenty to look forward to in the future.


The Marvel’s Avengers release date has been set for Friday, September 4, 2020, across all platforms.

However, those who bought the Digital Deluxe version of the game have had access since September 1.

For everyone else, there will be a set launch schedule that should see all gamers starting their adventures on the same day.

The Marvel’s Avengers release time has been set for midnight, September 4, on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is based on timezones, meaning that as soon as Friday starts where you live, you will have access to Marvel’s Avengers.

Square Enix has confirmed that when it comes to PC players, things will be running differently.

According to the latest news on the subject, the Marvel’s Avengers release time on Steam and Stadia has been set for 9am PDT on Friday, September 4.

For Marvel fans in the UK, that will mean waiting until around 5pm BST before you get access to the game.

PS4: September 4 – Rolling Midnight Release

Xbox One: September 4 – Rolling Midnight Release

Stadia: September 4 – 9:00 AM PDT

PC: September 4 – 9:00 AM PDT

A further message from Square Enix regarding release day for Marvel’s Avengers adds: “Those who purchase a physical copy of Marvel’s Avengers will need to connect to the internet one time in order to download the game’s Day One Patch. The patch is approximately 18GB in size. Those who purchase the game digitally will receive the patch along with the game’s initial download.

“After the day-one patch download is complete, an internet connection will not be required to play the game solo, although as mentioned above, you’ll need an active internet connection to play online co-op, and to download post-launch content including new heroes, new missions, and new regions for free.

“While we were able to adjust development to a work-from-home environment quickly, we did lose a bit of production time in the transition. As hard as we tried, there were several updates and refinements that we could not get into the game, but plan to address with the Day One Patch to ensure everyone has the same great experience at launch.

“The Day One Patch includes several updates and refinements that are required for play. Additionally, the patch includes localization files for the game’s dialogue, which are quite extensive, as we are localizing Marvel’s Avengers in 15 different languages.

“The Day One Patch is also important as it includes lots of fixes, feedback, updates, and tuning from our Beta weekends. Over the last three weekends, millions of you have played the game for tens of millions of hours and killed hundreds of millions of AIM enemies. Your participation has been of immense value to us as we work to squash bugs, tune performance, and finalize game balance.”

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