Michael Jackson music: Have MJ’s children followed in his footsteps? ‘HUGE inspiration’


Michael Jackson music: Have MJ’s children followed in his footsteps? ‘HUGE inspiration’

Michael Jackson’s music is some of the best-loved in the world, and has been so for decades. His three children – Paris, Prince and Blanket – have been making their own way in the world since Michael’s death in 2009. But have the trio followed in their father’s moonwalking footsteps?

Prince Jackson, the eldest child of Michael Jackson, has given an insight into what he and his siblings have been up to of late, and why one sibling in particular has been taking inspiration from their father.

He told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning earlier this month: “We [Paris, Prince and Blanket] are very close, that unconventional upbringing only tightened our bond as siblings, siblings are tight no matter what but the way we grew up and interact with each other – there’s an unspoken bond.

“We can almost read each other’s body language and minds. My sister is really focused on her career and her music I’m so proud of her and all the strides she’s making.

“My brother, every time I talk to him I’m impressed with how intelligent he is, the way he words his sentences… it’s always about working together and how can we collaborate and push each other up and make each other better.”

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“Most music videos are not filmed in the way we did but we were inspired by my father’s long form music videos or short film music videos.

“It was such a learning experience and I was so proud to see my sister’s art come to life and I was so proud to be a partner of that.”

Michael’s long videos, such as the famous and iconic Thriller music video, helped Prince come up with a concept for his sister’s work, as she attempts to make a similar mark on the music world.

Michael has been a huge influence on Prince in his own philanthropic work, and he hoped his dad would be proud of him and his siblings if he were alive today.


Michael’s music videos were some of the most iconic in the business, with songs like Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal and many others have hugely important music videos.

Before Michael, most music videos would either be live performances, or short snippets of the behind the scenes of the band.

However, acts like The Beatles and Michael helped to develop this and turn it into something much more narrative.

Prince is now working as an entrepreneur and CEO of a charity, Heal LA.

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