One Direction: Harry Styles opens up on the BREAK UP which fuelled Fine Line track


One Direction: Harry Styles opens up on the BREAK UP which fuelled Fine Line track

One Direction fans were not too happy when the band decided to call it a day back in 2016. While the end of the band was an emotional and heartbreaking time for fans, it did kickstart a number of good things afterwards, including their solo albums.

Harry Styles kickstarted his own solo career with his self titled album back in 2017.

Last year saw the release of Styles’ second album, Fine Line, which has seen great commercial success since it arrived on shelves.

However, the album is layered in a huge amount of emotional complexity.

Fans would have noticed that the album is quite an open affair, giving a real glimpse into Styles’ mindset when he was writing his music.

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He confessed: “In all honesty I’d say I try and think about [being a sex symbol] as little as possible

“It’s a very strange dynamic thing. It’s also, like, a weird thing to think of about yourself.”

Touching upon his history with One Direction, Styles went on: “I guess the thing with sex in general is… It used to feel so much more taboo with me.

“Even when we were in the band [One Direction], the thought of people thinking I’d had sex was crazy.

“Like, what if they know! But it’s like… you know?”

He added: “Coming into this record I wanted to feel a lot more freer and less guarded, more joyful and honest.”

Thankfully, it seems as if Styles did just that, as he has been raking in a huge amount of streams with his latest track Watermelon Sugar.

Will the albums that follow be the emotional heartache that the first

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