Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge update PATCH NOTES: New map, Hanzo skin and gameplay tweaks


    Overwatch developer Blizzard has confirmed plans to release the brand new Free-for-All map Kanezaka today (January 12).

    The new Overwatch map launches alongside the Kanezaka Challenge, which runs from January 12 until January 25.

    Judging by a recent Overwatch social media post, the challenge rewards players with a brand new skin for Hanzo.

    It will also launch with a brand new update, which is expected to be the same as the one tested on the PTR in December. You can see the patch notes further down the page.

    As for Kanezaka, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently detailed the new map in a special developer’s diary.

    According to Kaplan, the map features lots of contextual storytelling, as well as one or two Easter eggs for long-time fans.

    For example, the map is said to contain a cat cafe, complete with virtual representations of the cats belonging to members of the development team.

    The map is also said to have a tremendous flow, and has been designed to take advantage of various characters’ strengths.

    You can take a look at the Kanezaka map and Hanzo’s new skin in the video preview below.

    Overwatch Kanezaka update patch notes…


    • Kanezaka, nestled beside Hanamura, is our newest Free-For-All Map!

     – Fight for your life in a thrilling battlefield of alleyways, ancient stone, towering steel, and cat cafes.

     – Shatter your enemy’s dreams in the pottery shop, deliver beatdowns in the Tora no Sumika nightclub, or rise above the competition in the tower at the center of the city.


    • Feature Update: Replay Viewer Custom Spectator Options

    • Added Detached Timecode UI option to Replay Viewer



    • Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to remain focused on the game client while in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode

    • Fixed a bug with the end of round screen for Deathmatch that would exclude players who left when the match ends


    • Doomfist

     – Fixed a bug with the “One Punch” highlight intro that would cause it to clip into the ground on certain maps

    In other Overwatch news, fans are only a few weeks away from finding out more about upcoming sequel Overwatch 2.

    The Overwatch sequel was first announced back in November 2019, specifically during Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon event.

    BlizzCon will make a return alongside new Overwatch 2 gameplay details in February 2021.

    That’s according to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, who said that the game would be shown during the online event.

    In a developer update on YouTube, Kaplan said: “As you know our big focus is Overwatch 2, which we will be talking more in February with BlizzCon Online coming up.”

    “Can’t wait to talk to you more about Overwatch 2. Can’t wait to show you more with Overwatch 2. We know it’s been too long, we know we’ve been quiet.”

    Published at Tue, 12 Jan 2021 17:50:00 +0000

    Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge update PATCH NOTES: New map, Hanzo skin and gameplay tweaks


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