PS4 update: Download a great free PlayStation game demo TODAY


PS4 update: Download a great free PlayStation game demo TODAY

gamers can test out some of the newest PlayStation titles this week for free. Some of these will require a PS Plus subscription but there’s plenty of scope for those looking for something new to try.

The past few days have seen the NBA 2K21 release date come and go, with a ton of fans hitting the servers on launch day.

NBA 2K21 is a fully priced title, meaning you have to spend cash to play it on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

But the good news is that a free demo version of the game can be downloaded and played right now.

This will give gamers their first taste of the new NBA 2K experience, although it will come with drawbacks.

For one, it will only offer a slice of gameplay options that will be available in the full game, the other being that it will only feature the current-gen version of the game.

So there’s a chance of a second NBA 2K21 Demo going live for PS5 and Xbox Series X later in the year.

An official description from 2K explains: “Your NBA career starts now. The Demo puts you on the court with the All-Time Lakers and Celtics, along with the current Bucks and Clippers.

“Try out the MyPLAYER Builder, with unique customizations that put you in control of your player’s NBA future.

“2K21’s simple controls make it easy to go from a Rookie to Superstar in no time. We wanted to call out a few of the controls that allow you to pull off the nastiest-looking highlights, while still not requiring hours of practice to perfect.”

The MyPLAYER Builder lets you create your ideal baller from the ground up, with tips available for those who are new to the game.

The only downside to this new demo is that it’s a large one to download, with NBA 2K21 weighing in at over 30GB.

So you will need to find plenty of room on your PlayStation hard drive, especially if you decide to upgrade to the full version of the game.

Another option to try out this weekend is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite.

Having only just launched, the Square Enix title is suffering from teething problems, including multiplayer and server issues.

Downloading the Lite version will provide you with access to the first three dungeons of the full game.

This can be done in single-player, or with your friends in online multiplayer. You can also join a caravan hosted by a player who has purchased the full game to play together in up to 13 dungeons- all for free.

Speaking about the recent issues with multiplayer, Crystal Chronicles Director Araki Ryoma had this to say about making improvements in the future:

“First of all, the situation where players were unable to play immediately after launch was caused by our servers going over capacity.

“We ran maintenance to increase that server capacity on August 29, which has led to comparatively stable running thereafter. Going forward, we will move to address any further server issues as required.

“We would also like to release rapid updates to address the bugs that are getting in the way of players’ experiences with the game and are working on the update schedule announced below.

“We are also looking into making further updates in addition to those detailed below, once we have reviewed player feedback, and will make further announcements once the update content has been finalized.

“I must again apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and beg your understanding as we try to put things right.”

Published at Sun, 06 Sep 2020 07:01:00 +0000


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