PS5 shock stock drop at GAME and Currys THIS WEEK: How to get PlayStation 5 console in UK


    Despite rumours to the contrary, GAME is about to get a huge PS5 restock this week.

    After today’s PlayStation 5 restock at Very, UK retailers GAME and Currys are next in line to put PlayStation 5 consoles up for sale.

    There are conflicting reports about the exact date and time for the GAME stock drop, although March 11 between 9am and 11am seems like the best bet.

    According to one PS5 stock checker account, 56% of the consoles at GAME will be disc versions, while 44% will be disk-free.

    “Stay tuned for GAME drop tomorrow or Friday from 9 40am Police cars revolving light we will post the links again when they drop! Let’s hope they follow through!” reads a PS5 UK Stock Alerts tweet.

    “GAME has announced they’ll be releasing stock tomorrow between 9 and 11. They’ll have 56.3% Disc and 43.7% Digital this time. Very also drip feed stock after a drop so refreshing may work,” reads the PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates account.

    Currys, meanwhile, has updated its website with PlayStation 5 console listings. This means stock is almost certain to drop tomorrow (March 11).

    One thing worth mentioning, however, is that you’ll need a Priority Pass in order to get hold of a console at Currys.

    “So you heard it here first guys! Currys have now got their listing live but now drop yet! Soon to happen, not likely to be today,” reads another stock checker tweet.

    If you want to get a PS5 Priority Pass, then you’ll need to visit the Currys website and sign up for a chance to buy a PS5.

    Once on the PS5 Priority Pass website, customers are encouraged to fill out their details, including name, address and email.

    Currys will select random entrants and send a Priority Pass to them, complete with a PS5 buying code. These codes will be valid for 72-hours only.

    Remember to keep checking back for the latest stock drops in the UK, and to bookmark the Stock Informer website, while following social media channels such as Digital Foundry Deals.

    It’s possible that this week’s Currys and GAME PlayStation 5 stock drops will be it for the month of March.

    Fortunately, however, it looks like the restocks are starting to drive down second-hand prices at the likes of CEX.

    UK retailer CEX – which was criticised for re-selling PS5 consoles at inflated prices – has started to lower purchase prices and re-sell prices for the PlayStation.

    CEX is now selling PS5 consoles for £750 (compared to more than £800 last month), and will now buy consoles for £500.

    Fingers crossed the same can be said for PlayStation 5 stock being sold on eBay.

    Published at Wed, 10 Mar 2021 14:28:04 +0000

    PS5 shock stock drop at GAME and Currys THIS WEEK: How to get PlayStation 5 console in UK


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