PS5 UK stock troubles continue and a new console could be added to the list


    PS5 hunters face trouble buying a next-gen console from UK retailers, with more chance coming this week.

    John Lewis could be one of the first to offer more PlayStation 5 consoles this week, although we don’t know what day this will drop.

    It’s expected that it will be happening closer to the start of the week, making Tuesday a good starting point.

    But whenever it does arrive, UK PS5 stock hunters have been told to be prepared to wake up early.

    That’s because John Lewis is reportedly restocking the PlayStation 5 very early in the morning in the UK.

    This is due to issues the John Lewis website encounters with the traffic generated by new stock being released.

    Being unable to deal with the traffic spike means that John Lewis will reportedly launch its latest PS5 stock at a time when there will be fewer people online.

    The news was shared online by the PS5 Instant Stock Tracker account on Twitter, who told gamers today:

    “John Lewis planned drop next week, very early morning to prevent their site crashing. Very, Currys and AO have been updating their PS5 pages in anticipation of next week

    “JL can’t do a reasonable time, their website just can’t take it. They’ve tried 8am a few times and it’s a horrible experience for everyone.

    “They tried 7am, the website still crashed. The last drop was around 5am and their website was fine, so I believe around that time.

    So based on the above information, this week’s PS5 stock could drop at around 5am GMT, between March 8 and March 10.

    And if you do miss out on buying a console from John Lewis, other retailers will be restocking the PlayStation 5 this week.

    Very and Currys are the other retailers reported to be offering next-gen consoles this week from Sony.

    But while the current next-gen range of gaming machines only includes the PS5 and Xbox Series X, another is expected to join the race.

    The Nintendo Switch Pro has been rumoured for some time and now a new report suggests that something will be announced this year.

    The new and improved Nintendo Switch console will reportedly support 4K visuals when docked.

    Rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro games include the likes of Breath of the Wild 2 and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

    Nintendo has shared no release date or official announcement, but there is one key thing to remember.

    If the Switch Pro is announced, there will probably be similar issues in buying one as we see with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

    And if the next-gen console starts hitting shelves in August, you can imagine that it would sell out pretty quickly.

    The Nintendo Switch has become one of the best-selling consoles of recent years and is likely to continue to be up there with a new Pro version.

    The base Nintendo Switch console remains out of stock at many UK retailers, and while stock constraints on other products are expected to end later this year, it seems likely that the Nintendo Switch Pro will face similar issues.

    But until Nintendo reveals it, gamers will have to wait and see what the stock situation will be later this year.

    Published at Mon, 08 Mar 2021 01:26:04 +0000

    PS5 UK stock troubles continue and a new console could be added to the list


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