Shock PS5 stock news as Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch outsell Sony


    Console sales have been heavily impacted by the ongoing stock shortages in the UK, with May expected to be a better month for Sony’s PlayStation 5.

    Several UK retailers have already released stock this month, which should mean a higher place in the sales charts for the PS5.

    And the only way is up, following the shock reveal that Sony’s flagship gaming machine was outsold during April by the Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

    A new report this week confirms that the Nintendo handheld console was the best selling console in the UK during April 2021.

    That runs against what has happened in previous months, with the Nintendo Switch and PS5 reportedly having sold similar numbers since the start of 2021.

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    The report – first shared by GamesIndustry.Biz, reveals that over 90,000 were sold in the UK over the four weeks ending at the start of May.

    This highlights just how big an impact the current stock shortages are having on the sales of consoles in 2021.

    The report adds that PS5 sales saw a large dip in April, with the PlayStation 4 becoming Sony’s best-selling console for the period.

    And it was a problem that could be seen in real-time during April, with many gamers unable to find a console to buy.

    It wasn’t just a problem affecting Sony, with Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X consoles also hard to find.

    But it appears that Sony was one of the hardest-hit companies during the previous month, with things looking up in May.

    Unlike in April, there have already been several stock drops from retailers like Argos, Currys, GAME and ASDA.

    And more are on the way, with next week expected to see further restock events hosted by leading stores.

    ShopTo is expected to be one of the first, followed by Amazon UK on May 18 or May 19, and Very hosting a stock release sometime later this month.

    It’s unclear how many consoles will be available to buy from Amazon, which has not shared a meaningful drop in weeks.

    But there have been rumours it could be one of the biggest drops from the internet giant since the start of 2021.

    The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “News: Amazon UK to expect a shipment of approximately 10K PlayStation 5’s later this week, hinting at a May 17th-19th drop. This will be their biggest restock yet, as Amazon UK usually restocks around 6K-8K.

    “This is the first time we received information on Amazon UK since their previous March drop. So, this may mean they won’t restock this week, unless it’s a double restock in the space of two weeks, which is unlikely. We’ll still keep an eye out every morning for you as usual!”

    Because retailers very rarely confirm when exactly a PS5 restock happens, the rumoured and leaked dates from stock tracker accounts like @PS5StockAlertUK are the best indication fans have as to when the next restock is going live.

    And with all of these combined, it seems very likely that PS5 sales will be back to where they have been for most of 2021.

    Published at Fri, 14 May 2021 19:03:00 +0000

    Shock PS5 stock news as Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch outsell Sony


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