Soul post credit scene: Is there an after credits scene in Soul?


Soul has been a real hit with families who have come together over the holidays to watch it. It launched on Disney Plus on Christmas Day, while also circulating in cinemas in areas where the Disney streaming platform is not yet available. For those who can watch it, however, it has been a great success – but is there an end credits scene to enjoy as well?

Is there a post credits scene after Soul?

Unlike many other Pixar movies, there is no after credit scene.

Often there is a short moment, or teaser for another upcoming film, such as in Toy Story.

However, there is a message for fans at the end of Soul relating to coronavirus.

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In Soul, after the usual note which reads “Created and produced at Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, California,” there was an extra line.

It added: “…and in homes at least six feet away from each other throughout the Bay area.”

The Bay area refers to the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

This message is to make clear much of the editing and final animation work on the movie was done during the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning those working in production would have had to do their jobs at home.

This is certainly something many of us in the UK can relate to and shows how much wonderful work can be done from far away.

The film is also dedicated to “all the mentors in our lives,” given Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) unwittingly became a mentor for another soul in The Great Before, called Number 22 (Tina Fey.)

The final post-credit moment, which is much less a scene than an additional comment, includes the Accountant, voiced by Rachel House.

At the end of the movie Terry, the Accountant, is heard saying: “Hey! Movie is over! Go Home!”


This comes before the final Covid-related comment from the producers, and perhaps was previously created with the expectation this film would launch in cinemas rather than via at-home media.

Soul did get a premiere on the big screen, when it played as part of the London Film Festival in October.

While much of the festival took place at home, with critics streaming movies, other films had big screen outings, like Soul and Steve McQueen’s Mangrove.

A handful of people got the exclusive first look, while other Pixar fans have watched the magical world of The Great Before unfold on the small screen instead.

Nevertheless, Terry is keen to remind everyone to make sure they head home after a viewing, and do not get caught up staying out during the pandemic.

Unlike many other movies, Soul went ahead with its release despite cinema closures and other issues.

Disney, who owns Pixar, postponed the release of its live-action movie Mulan earlier this year, as well as the Marvel film Black Widow, but Soul was fairly unaffected by the changes in scheduling.

While it moved from big screen to small, it is likely the film will be released on the big screen at some point in the future so fans all get the chance to enjoy all the animation and filmmaking in that way.

Soul is on Disney+ now

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Soul post credit scene: Is there an after credits scene in Soul?


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