TikTok DOWN: Anger as users find all of their videos have been deleted


If all of your TikTok videos have suddenly disappeared you are not alone. Thousands of fans are currently complaining that the popular app is down with many reporting that all of their content has suddenly vanished. Screenshots showing the gremlins have also been posted online with the usual carousels of endless content replaced with empty space. The glitch first began at around 12pm GMT with the problems still ongoing.

Many have now taken to rival social media platforms, such as Twitter, to vent their frustrations with one TikTok fan named 2ShortGaming saying: “Anyone know why my TikTok videos disappeared overnight? Analytics show my videos, but I have no messages about them being taken down.”

Another user named Sandra added: “Is TikTok down for anyone else? I literally can’t see any of my videos on any of my accounts.”

Along with users speaking out on social media, web tracking service Down Detector also reveals a surge in problems with the app. The online outage monitor is currently showing over 5,000 reports across the world with the UK and parts of the US hit by the glitch.

There’s currently no word on what is causing the outage, how to fix it or when things will be back online. Currently TikTok’s support and help pages are not giving any guidance on what has happened to users’ videos.


Published at Thu, 10 Mar 2022 12:30:00 +0000

TikTok DOWN: Anger as users find all of their videos have been deleted