‘Turn off the lights and bolt the door!’ GMB viewers blast Kate Garraway as they turn off


    Tuesday morning’s Good Morning Britain saw hosts Adil Ray and Kate Garraway take the reins in regular host Susanna Reid’s absence and following Piers Morgan’s permanent exit last month. The ITV presenting pair had plenty to get through, including interviews with Alex Salmond, Jonathan Ashworth and Nadhim Zahawi. However, many GMB viewers decided enough was enough after witnessing a number of interruptions throughout the interviews and made their opinions on the show clear.

    While there were a number of talking points from Tuesday’s GMB, none more grabbed the attention than the interview with Mr Salmond.

    The Scottish politician, who’s heading the new Alba Party to oppose Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party, became embroiled in several heated clashes with Garraway as he tried to discuss his party’s plans and quest for Scottish independence.

    In one instance, Mr Salmond even had to ask the GMB presenter to stop interrupting as they “weren’t going to get anywhere”.

    “It’s going to be very difficult to conduct the interview, can you let me answer the question?” Mr Salmond said as he tried to keep the chat on course.

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    But it wasn’t just during the chat with Mr Salmond that Garraway and Ray both came under fire for.

    Both GMB hosts grilled Mr Ashworth on his and Labour’s stance on the possibility of Covid passports being rolled out in the future.

    However, with Mr Ashworth insisting he found it “discriminatory”, Garraway and Ray both found themselves butting in to question why he was so firmly against the idea.

    And it didn’t take long for both GMB hosts to begin trending on social media as thousands of fans voiced their disdain for the show’s outlook following Morgan’s exit in March.

    “Watching @GMB and Kate Garraway is annoying talking over guests. They can’t even finish their points smh,” added a fourth.

    While a fifth in response to the Mr Salmond interview penned: “Wasn’t much of an interview sadly thanks to Kate Garraway shouting over him. 

    “The amount of salary she takes you would at least expect her to be able to undertake the basics of her role.”

    And a sixth didn’t mince their words: “Kate Garraway with a disgusting interview, not interested in what Alex has to say just throwing mud at him in the hope it will stick and constantly talking over him.”

    A final viewer surmised: “@gmb the interview with @AlexSalmond with @kategarraway constantly interrupting him was one of the worst I’ve seen. 

    “It’s every show now it happens with a guest or cutting over a fellow presenter @benshephard. Somebody speak to Kate, it’s getting ridiculous now and it’s so rude.”

    Garraway and Ray were filling in this week as Reid takes a break from presenting duties.

    Ray will keep his place as the main host for the rest of April although ITV is still yet to announce a permanent replacement for Morgan.

    Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

    Published at Tue, 06 Apr 2021 23:00:00 +0000

    ‘Turn off the lights and bolt the door!’ GMB viewers blast Kate Garraway as they turn off


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