Unmissable Amazon Echo Dot and free Music Unlimited deal makes a surprise comeback


You can pick-up an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker and one-month access to Music Unlimited for a bargain price today, thanks to a deal that should have ended earlier this week. But Amazon has resurrected this stellar bargain. The deal includes a fourth-generation Echo Dot (which usually costs £49.99 on its own) plus one month access to Music Unlimited for just £17.98 if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, or it’s £19.98 if you’re not. The deal offers a whopping £40 saving and was meant to end at the start of March – but in a welcome surprise to bargain hunters the offer will now run until the end of March 7. So, act fast!

The deal means you’re effectively getting a fourth generation Echo Dot (that’s the latest version of the AI-powered smart speaker) for under £20 with free access to Music Unlimited. Or, alternatively, it means you’re getting an Amazon Echo Dot for £9.99 when you factor in the cost of Music Unlimited membership (£9.99 a month if you’re not with Prime or £7.99 if you are).

Either way, this is an incredible deal which is currently the best way to purchase an Echo device.

The Echo Dot third generation speaker is usually the cheapest way to get an Alexa-powered speaker. This device usually costs £39.99 a month, but right now is available for £29.99 on its own.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot, which usually costs £49.99, is also available at a reduced price at the moment when you purchase the gadget on its own. This speaker is available for £34.99 without a Music Unlimited subscription.

So, why would anyone choose this over the Echo Dot and Music Unlimited bundle that’s priced under £20?

Well, in the terms and conditions you’ll see that this amazing deal is only available to new Music Unlimited subscribers and new Echo device customers.

Amazon describes a new Echo Device customer as someone that hasn’t registered an Echo device to their account yet. If you fall into this camp, or have signed up to Music Unlimited or a free trial in the past, then you won’t be able to pick up the money-saving bundle.

For anyone that is in a position to pick up this deal, just be aware that auto-renewal will be applied to your Music Unlimited subscription.

So if you don’t want to be charged for Music Unlimited after your first month is up then just be sure to cancel before then. If you have been thinking of getting an Echo Dot for a while, and are able to take advantage of this deal, then this really is an offer you shouldn’t miss.

This bundle offers the lowest price the fourth generation Echo Dot has ever been since the speaker launched back in October 2020.

Best Echo Dot Deals

And since this deal offers the latest Echo Dot model cheaper than the third generation device then it’s currently the best way for anyone interested in the smart speaker scene to dip their toes and find out what Alexa is all about.

The fourth generation Echo Dot offers a number of improvements over the third generation model. The latest Echo Dot is larger than its predecessor which helps to provide improved sound quality and also supports lossless (aka CD quality) audio. And that’s great as lossless streaming is a big selling point of Amazon’s Music Unlimited service, and is something that its big rival Spotify currently doesn’t offer.

Also, if you care about the environment then the fourth generation Echo Dot is a great choice. This Alexa speaker is made from 50 percent recycled plastics as well as 100 percent recycled aluminium and fabrics.

Published at Sat, 05 Mar 2022 09:01:00 +0000

Unmissable Amazon Echo Dot and free Music Unlimited deal makes a surprise comeback