Warzone patch notes for PS4 and Xbox: Call of Duty update reveals weapon nerf


    The new Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update is launching tonight and includes some interesting weapon nerfs.

    Gamers already know those new locations from the Rambo and Die Hard movie franchises are coming to Warzone.

    But they might not know about the new Meta changes being made, including the latest weapon nerfs.

    One weapon being changed is the AK-74u, which is seeing a reduction in bullet velocity, and a Sprint to Fire Speed increase.

    A message from Raven Software adds: “The AK-74u’s stats were well beyond what one might expect from a Submachine Gun.

    “We are reining it back in line with other Weapons in its class—less Bullet Velocity, less Damage Range, and more Sprint to Fire Speed.

    “While some of these changes may make it seem like the AK-74u had received a drastic reduction in efficacy, we believe these stats are not as meaningful to the SMG class when compared to handling and Time to Kill.

    “With unparalleled maximum damage, locational multipliers, and an unforgiving rate of fire, the AK-74u is now the epitome of high-risk, high-reward SMGs.”

    The official loadout of changes includes the following:


    • Neck multiplier increased from 1 to 1.4
    • Sprint to Fire Speed increased by 20%
    • Bullet Velocity decreased by 15%
    • Maximum damage range decreased by 25%

    Another weapon being buffed this week is the ZRG 20mm, with Raven adding in a new statement:

    “The feel of a Weapon is important to us and the ZRG 20mm, while fun, was not quite where we wanted it. We are doubling down on its identity as the highest caliber Sniper in Verdansk.

    “We want you to really feel like you are firing anti-materiel rounds. In order to achieve this, we made the Weapon ‘heavier’ and increased its Bullet Penetration.

    “Now players on the receiving end of the ZRG 20mm will need to consider the width of objects that they use for cover. We find this gets both the wielder and their opponent to think about the game in different and interesting ways—which is something we always aim to promote.”

    The new RG 20mm stats are as follows:

    • Bullet Penetration increased
    • Upper Torso multiplier increased from 1.25 to 1.7
    • Lower Torso multiplier increased from 1.15 to 1.25
    • Extremity multipliers increased from .9 to 1
    • ADS Speed decreased by 4%
    • Bullet Velocity decreased by 2%
    • Move Speed decreased by 2%
    • ADS Move Speed decreased by 1%

    Attachments are also being looked as, which could see some big changes made to the Call of Duty Warzone meta:

    “We expect this relatively unassuming change to have widespread effects. The Suppressor now offers you another viable attachment choice in the muzzle category with a focus on different stats.

    “For example, where Bullet Velocity and Effective Damage Range are not a priority (e.g., Submachine Guns) you would almost certainly take the Suppressor.

    “Or perhaps you have more than enough Bullet Velocity (e.g., ZRG 20mm) and you want to shore up a weakness in handling. These are the types of compelling decisions we want to continue to develop.”



    Flash Guard

    • Vertical Recoil Control increased slightly


    • No longer reduces Bullet Velocity
    • Now increases Bullet Velocity
    • Now increases ADS Speed 
    • Now increases Sprint to Fire Speed

    More news from the official Call of Duty Warzone patch notes can be found below:

    • Lasers

      • SOF Target Designator (Snipers) 

        • No longer increases Effective Damage Range

        • Now increases Aiming Stability

        • ADS Move Speed multiplier increased

      • Ember Sighting Point (Snipers)

        • No longer increases Effective Damage Range

        • Now greatly increases Aiming Stability

        • ADS Move Speed multiplier increased

      • Steady Aim Laser (Snipers)

      • Swat 5mW Laser Sight (Snipers)

        • No longer decreases Hip Spread

        • No longer decreases ADS Speed

        • Now increases Aiming Stability 

        • Now greatly increases ADS Speed

      • Black Ops Cold War Snipers desperately needed more ‘value’ Attachments—namely, more Attachments that provide stats that are relevant to Snipers. We feel the changes to these Attachments and base Sniper optics will make Black Ops Cold War Snipers far more competitive and enjoyable to use.

    • Rear Grips


    • New Point of Interest: Nakatomi Plaza (Launch) – The headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation have moved from sunny Los Angeles to Verdansk’s Downtown for a limited time.
    • New Point of Interest: Survival Camps (Launch) – Around Verdansk, numerous campsites have been converted into Survival Camps as a homage to Rambo: First Blood Part II.
    • New Point of Interest: CIA Outpost (Launch) One of the aircraft hangars in Verdansk’s northwest sector has been converted into a makeshift CIA Outpost, as these agents need a home base to start tracking down the elusive Rambo.


    • Ballistic Knife (Launch) – Built for stealth kills from multiple distances, this versatile Weapon allows for melee attacks up close and a projectile blade attack from short-to-medium ranges.
    • AMP63: Pistol (In-Season) – Expect this Weapon to output high amounts of damage in a short period of time thanks to its full-auto nature, which makes it highly effective in close quarters.


    • Maximum damage increased from 27 to 28
    • Maximum damage range increased by 3.8%


    All Black Ops Cold War Sniper base optics have been adjusted.

    • Sniper Rifle Charlie (Semi-Auto)
    • Bullet Velocity increased by 14%
    • Extremity multipliers increased from .9 to 1
    • Rate of Fire decreased from .33 to .83

    LW3 – Tundra

    • Aiming Stability increased

    Swiss K31

    • Flinch Resistance greatly increased
    • ADS Speed increased slightly
    • Aiming Stability increased

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    Warzone patch notes for PS4 and Xbox: Call of Duty update reveals weapon nerf


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