Who can get the Covid vaccine now? Bookings EXTENDED again


Tens of millions of UK residents have now received their call to action from the NHS, which is now sending out vaccine bookings. So far, a total of 56,992,075 people have had one or both vaccines, with the number accelerating every day. Health services are approaching rollout in bands by age, and a new cohort can get their jab soon.

Who can get the Covid vaccine?

Health officials and the Government are slowly making their way through the UK’s population.

Initial focus fell on the elderly and chronically sick, and success in these bands has allowed them to move on to younger adults.

Officials asked those aged 38 and 39 to book their first doses on May 12, and arrangements have progressed swiftly since then.

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Local officials have expanded their Covid vaccination programme to meet the challenge.

Over-18s in the three wards can now claim a jab, so long as they also meet other criteria.

A council spokesman said vaccines would be available “within current government guidance”, and for over-18s in specific categories.

People aged over 18 can get one if they have an underlying health condition, live with an immunocompromised person, or work in health and social care professions. 

Published at Tue, 18 May 2021 08:31:03 +0000

Who can get the Covid vaccine now? Bookings EXTENDED again


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