Best Virgin Media Broadband Deals: Unlock Huge Discounts On Fibre


best virgin media broadband deals uk

Want the best Virgin Media broadband deals in the UK? We’ve got you covered (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

Virgin Media boasts the biggest network of superfast broadband speeds in the UK – with more than 15.5 million homes able to access download speeds of 1,130Mbps. For comparison, the average home broadband speed in the UK currently sits at just 70Mbps. However, these next-generation internet speeds can be costly …so, you’ll need to make sure you secure a great deal from Virgin Media. Thankfully, you’re in the right place to do just that. has rounded up the best Virgin Media broadband deals available right now. If you’re unsure about what sort of download speed you’ll need, how you can switch from an Openreach-supplied firm (like BT, TalkTalk, Sky Broadband, EE) to Virgin Media, and the perks of picking this internet provider, scroll down for more information. And if you’re unsure about whether you want to sign up with Virgin Media, you can see how it compares to the competition in our in-depth guide to the best broadband deals in the UK today.

Best Virgin Media Broadband Deal Available (April 2022)

If you’re new to Virgin Media, there’s only one deal that you should be considering – the M200 + Phone bundle. For £31 a month, Virgin Media will include download speeds of 213Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. You’ll benefit from unlimited usage too, so don’t worry about an unwanted bill after you’ve streamed a boxset in crisp 4K Ultra HD, or downloaded the latest blockbuster 100GB+ video game to your Xbox or PlayStation.

Better yet, Virgin Media includes a landline phone with this plan too, with free calls to all UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers at the weekend. Of course, you’re welcome to leave the handset in its box and continue using your mobile phone, but it’s much better to opt for the package with the landline number as Virgin Media charges £50 a month for the same download speeds without a home phone.

To put this Virgin Media deal in perspective, Sky charges £32 a month for its Ultrafast broadband, which offers download speeds of 145Mbps. Meanwhile, BT charges £33.99 a month for its Full Fibre 2 plan, which only manages a meagre 74Mbps. Likewise, EE cannot match this price, charging its customers £32 a month for 100Mbps speeds.

Cheapest Virgin Media Broadband Deal Available (April 2022)

Want to take advantage of Virgin Media’s network of gigabit-capable broadband …but don’t fancy spending a King’s ransom every month? Thankfully, Virgin Media has got you covered. And you won’t have to put up with slower download speeds either. New customers can pick up an M100 fibre broadband package from Virgin Media for just £25 a month.

That’s only when you include a landline phone (with free weekend calls to all UK landline numbers) in the bundle, if you decide to opt for broadband-only you’ll be charged £44 a month for the exact same download speeds. Yikes.

With average download speeds of 108Mbps – faster than the average home broadband speed of 70Mbps, you’ll be able to stream Netflix boxsets in 4K Ultra HD, make videocalls via FaceTime and WhatsApp, stream playlists and podcasts via Spotify and Apple Music, play video games online …all at the same time without endless buffering.

For comparison, BT charges £28.99 a month for download speeds of 36Mbps, Sky charges £25 a month for download speeds of 59Mbps, EE charges £26 a month for 36Mbps, and Plusnet charges £24.99 a month for download speeds of 66Mbps. 

Why Choose Virgin Media?

Virgin Media offers some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, with its entire network of 15.5 million homes now connected to its future-proofed internet speeds. As such, anyone who signs up to Virgin Media will be able to access these eye-wateringly fast speeds (up to 1,130Mbps – that’s 16x faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK).

With the speediest connection, you’ll be able to download a feature-length movie in 4K Ultra HD in under a minute. You won’t be able to boil the kettle for a cuppa before your blockbuster is waiting for you, ready to watch.

That’s very different to BT-owned Openreach, which is used by firms like BT, EE, TalkTalk, and Sky to connect their customers. Openreach is slowly upgrading its entire network to full-fibre connections, which offer the same 1Gbps speeds currently available for Virgin Media users. However, these are not available nationwide quite yet, with some 6 million homes already upgraded to the next-generation speeds, with plans to reach a total of 25 million premises by December 2026.

Unlike BT, Sky, or EE, if you have Virgin Media in your street …you’re guaranteed to be able to upgrade to the fastest download speeds. Likewise, you’ll also be able to upgrade to Virgin Media’s television offering, which includes access to Sky channels, including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Comedy HD, Sky Crime, and more.  

Last year, Virgin Media was awarded the fastest UK provider gong by the team at Uswitch.

But it’s not all about speed. Following the £31 billion merger between Virgin Media and O2 last year, the company has brought a number of benefits previously only reserved for O2 mobile phone users to broadband customers. As such, you’ll be able to access the perks of O2 Priority if you sign up for Virgin Media broadband. For those who don’t know, O2 Priority offers early access to some of the biggest concerts in the UK, including the O2 Arena in London, as well as free coffees from Café Nero and Greggs to name a few.

best virgin media broadband deals

Virgin Media relies on its own broadband network, separate from BT-owned Openreach (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

What Virgin Media Broadband Speed Do You Really Need?

Not sure what download speeds are right for you? Here’s a quick guide to what your home needs.

We’re all using our broadband more and more, but not everyone needs the most expensive blisteringly fast speeds. If you simply browse the web, send a few emails, and watch the odd box set on Netflix then a standard 50Mbps – 100Mbps connection should cope just fine.

Netflix itself only recommends a minimum speed of 5Mbps to watch in 1080p High Definition. Of course, you’ll need 5Mbps for every stream taking place simultaneously in your household …as well as any bandwidth used for music streaming, web browsing, and WhatsApp messages taking place at the same time.

As such, if you have a very busy home, you will definitely want something faster and it’s not just about quicker downloads. Your broadband is a bit like a motorway – the more traffic that runs through it the slower it gets. So, if you have a busy house it’s best to get the fastest speeds you can afford to avoid annoying buffering.

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Best Virgin Media Broadband Deals: Unlock Huge Discounts On Fibre