Borderlands 3 update today: Arms Race DLC and Season Pass 2 release date patch notes


    Borderlands 3 update today: Arms Race DLC and Season Pass 2 release date patch notes

    A new Borderlands 3 update is rolling out today and we know exactly what will be included in the bundle.

    Rather then just a mundane hotfix, today Borderlands 3 download includes some major news for Season Pass 2 customers.

    As revealed in the full patch notes shared online by GearBox, this update adds support for the new add-on Designer’s Cut, including Arms Race and a fourth skill tree for the Vault Hunters, Mayhem 11, adjustments to character balance, and other reported concerns.

    The dev team has also revealed that the ECHOcast also received an update to support the Designer’s Cut.

    Arms Race is hosted by two former Vault Hunters turned ECHOcast commentators: Axton and Salvador, with the in-game action taking place throughout the Stormblind Complex: an expansive, decommissioned DAHL military base.

    Available to everyone who purchases Borderlands Season Pass 2, Arms Race is all about tuning up your Vault Hunter as fast as possible before successfully extracting the best loot you can find to avoid losing it all.

    A message from GearBox adds: “Today we will release an update for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST.

    “Zane players will need to save/quit once to have their trees updated to the new layouts. Skill points that were in the swapped skills will be refunded when they load the second time. Some players may need to re-apply the refunded skill points before using high-tier skills.

    “To accept the Arms Race mission, interact with the poster to the left of the Quick Change Station on Sanctuary III. Final Form cosmetics can be equipped by interacting with a Quick Change station and selecting the new “Body” option, as well as a new item in the “Heads” section.”

    Full patch notes from today’s Borderlands 3 update can be found below:

    Dev Note: Mayhem 11 is a copy of Mayhem 10 without any active modifiers. In this Mayhem level, the quality and amount of rewards from world drops are cut in half. Mayhem 10 gear does drop in Mayhem 11, so there is no need to re-farm any gear at this level. You can choose to gear up your characters quickly using Mayhem 10 or use Mayhem 11 to gear up more slowly with no modifiers.

    Dev Note: As part of updating Anointments to support the new trees, we’ve also changed them to not activate on missed activations. The Siren can no longer “Fakegrasp” to activate Anointments, and the Beastmaster can no longer Gamma Burst while looking at the sky to trigger Anointments. We are monitoring how these changes affect these characters and their builds and are looking to adjust as necessary in the future. Our goal is to make sure that no Vault Hunter has an unfair advantage related to Anointments activating.

    Dev Note: We’ve added a new series of Action Skill Damage Anointments for all skill trees. Now all Vault Hunter Action Skills have Anointments to buff their damage.

    • Removed Mayhem Level Gear from enemies

    • Added support Final Form character cosmetics to New-U stations

    • Updated some loading screen tips for added clarity

    • Modified audio priority system for player gunshots

    • Optimized audio memory

    • Optimized animation memory

    • Prevented the Countdown at the start of Takedowns from flashing on the screen too quickly

    • Updated the ECHO device to show the correct character portrait when characters spoke

    • Addressed a reported concern where the Photo Mode would not activate when accessing it through the Quick Menu

    • Resetting the camera using the Reset Camera function in Photo Mode will no longer reset to a random location

    • Loading screens no longer appear zoomed in when in non-standard aspect ratios

    • Optimized UI performance

    • Prevented the ECHO Map from rotating unexpectedly

    • Updated the Citizen Science Machine to prevent it from occasionally not functioning

    • Addressed a reported concern where enemies did not spawn during the “Defend BALEX” objective during the mission “The Family Jewel” in Voracious Canopy

    • Addressed a reported concern where the Eridium deposit failed to appear during the “Break Eridium Deposit” objective during the mission “Beneath the Meridian” in The Forgotten Basilica

    • Nativized Hotfixes

    • Fixed a reported concern where the host could crash when a client ended the Iron Bear Action Skill

    • Fixed a reported concern where the game could crash when viewing Fast Travel Stations on the ECHO Map

    With the changes below, we hope to improve the matchmaking times for all types of content. As a reminder, you can always access Matchmaking via the Social menu.

    • Added Arms Race to Matchmaking

    • Combined Trials and Circle of Slaughters into a single matchmaking pool

    • Addressed issue where players matching from a Takedown map would be put into a separate matchmaking pool

    • Updated matchmaking pools to only consider whether Mayhem Mode is enabled or disabled, instead of creating a pool for each Mayhem Level

    With today’s patch, we have made several changes to Zane’s Skill Trees and Class Mods. Our goals with these changes are to increase the Skill Tree build diversity as well as remove the reliance on one Class Mod for builds. While making these changes, we determined that certain skills should be moved on their respective skill trees to a different position.

    For these skill changes to apply properly, Zane players will need to save/quit their characters once to have their trees updated to these new layouts. Skill points that were in the four swapped skills will be refunded when they load their characters the second time. If a player does not have enough points invested to unlock a high-tier skill they have previously applied points to, they will need to re-apply the refunded skill points before using those high-tier skills.

    Hitman Tree

    Death Follows Close is an incredibly strong passive skill, much stronger than the effects of the capstone Seein’ Red. This feels backward, so we have swapped the position of these two skills to better represent their value relative to each other. Please remember the changes require you to save/quit your character once to function properly.

    Under Cover Tree

    Like the Hitman Tree, the mid-tier passive and capstone skills of this tree had an inverted value relative to their position. This change also allows players to get more value out of their shields and Barrier via Distributed Denial being much lower in the tree. Please remember the changes require you to save/quit your character once to function properly.

    Double Agent Tree

    Given the percent chance of Duct Tape Mod proccing, it could spell disaster for Zane in close quarters combat. Now players don’t have to worry about accidentally downing themselves when a grenade is launched.


    Seein’ Dead

    This Class Mod has been over-performing, so we have removed some of the power from the mod. To counter this change, the Seein’ Red passive skill within Zane’s Hitman Skill Tree has been given a buff, effectively giving all players access to additional damage without the requirement of using this Class Mod.

    Certain types of damage were unintentionally being passed to other enemies caught in the Siren’s Phasegrasp. This change prevents those interactions, but no other changes have been made to this skill. A previous hotfix did not address all the issues discovered and this solution is a more robust, permanent solution.

    • Updated Ties that Bind to only pass weapon and melee damage to enemies

    • Weapon Anointments that increase weapon or melee damage after Phaseslam now properly increases damage

    • Updated Muse Class Mod to prevent double-dipping on damage modifiers

    • Pets will now receive damage buffs from the global grenade anointment

    • Addressed a reported concern that when dealing critical hits in rapid succession while using the Rakk Attack Action Skill and Headcount Passive, Rakk Attack charges would not be gained properly, and the cooldown timer was reset

    • Added support for next-gen consoles, Microsoft Xbox S/X and the Sony PlayStation 5.

    • Added support for 4th Skill Trees to Twitch ECHOcast

    • Added support for Arms Race to Twitch ECHOcast

    • When watching a streamer using the ECHOcast during Arms Race, the inventory, skill trees, and Guardian Rank tabs are hidden. The Rare Chest Event is also deactivated and replaced with the Extractor Breach Event

    • When in Arms Race, a new Map Tab is shown, which renders the in-game map along with points of interest. Points of interest are:

    – Player location

    – Respawn locations

    – Extractor locations

    – Boss area

    – Death circle size, location, and time between states

    This new ECHOcast event will allow viewers an opportunity to win streamer items in a setting that makes sense for Arms Race! In Arms Race, players must extract dropped gear to keep it to use outside of the game mode. This event gives viewers the chance to win items the streamer extracts from the game mode during play and after defeating the final boss.

    These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

    • Enabled purple E-Tech pistols to drop in-game

    • Increased the resolution of the images on Zer0’s Bounty Board in Sanctuary III

    • Addressed a previous change that was causing some PC users to be unable to drop equipped gear


    • Increased weapon damage



    • Increased weapon damage


    • Increased weapon damage


    • Increased weapon damage


    • Increased weapon damage

    Rebel Yell

    • Increased weapon damage



    • Increased weapon damage


    • Increased weapon damage

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