Destiny 2 Coup De Grace mission bugged – Bungie advises slower High Celebrant battle


    Having investigated issues with the Destiny 2 Coup De Grace, Bungie is now dishing out some advice.

    As reported since things went like after the weekly reset, Guardians have been reporting not bagging any of the big rewards.

    As part of the Season 12 story, Destiny 2 players eliminate the High Celebrant, with the mission available to run across next-gen consoles, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    But following its launch earlier today, gamers have been sharing news regarding exotic loot drops.

    “Did anyone else complete it and NOT get the exotic ship listed in the reward section when launching the mission? And now can’t even run it again?” one user writes.

    Another adds: “I think there are two more steps because even though all my triumphs for the “Warden” seal are gold now after completing the new mission, it still says 17/19 on the progress.”

    Since the mission bug was first spotted, Bungie has provided some guidance on what’s happening, telling fans:

    “We are investigating an issue where some rewards are not dropping from completion of the High Celebrant mission.”

    This seems to suggest that there is indeed a bug affecting the Coup De Grace currently available in Destiny 2.

    And following on from that message, Bungie has advised Guardians to slow down their gunfights to help avoid the current issues.

    It’s unclear why this would cause a loot issue but Guardians have been given two pieces of advice:

    Slow down when damaging the High Celebrant.


    Wait several seconds before hitting the Black Blight Orb.

    The Weekly Reset also launched the latest version of the Iron Banner event, which can be found in the Crucible node of the Director.

    When Iron Banner is available, it will begin at the weekly reset and remain active until the following weekly reset.

    To participate in the Iron Banner while the event is available, players must:

    • Reach Lord Shaxx in the New Light quest.
    • Speak with Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard.
    • All players of Destiny 2, regardless of expansion ownership, can participate in Iron Banner events.

    And like in the past, Lord Saladin will offer rewards to players who rank up their reputation with him by turning in Iron Banner Tokens. Lord Saladin is found in the Tower Courtyard and can be accessed by taking the stairs next to the Gunsmith.

    Published at Wed, 06 Jan 2021 02:04:30 +0000

    Destiny 2 Coup De Grace mission bugged – Bungie advises slower High Celebrant battle


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