Fortnite Season 6 coming out with competitive change and Season 5 live event


    Epic Games is promising a new Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 6, which is expected to come out later this month.

    The full release date has not been confirmed yet, but with the latest news suggesting a launch around March 18, give or take a few days.

    Epic Games has not revealed its full plans for Fortnite Season 6, but they have confirmed what they’re changing as part of the game’s Competitive Modes.

    According to a new post from the development team, a preseason is being worked out to help with the transition from Season 5.

    A message from Epic reveals: “We’re planning to add a competitive preseason for one week (March 16-23) so players can experience everything Chapter 2 Season 6 has to offer and give us feedback.

    “Additionally, players will retain Hype from Season 5 until the conclusion of the preseason. At that point, the competitive season for Chapter 2 Season 6 will begin and everyone will be reset to 0 Hype points.

    “Players will have at least a week to earn enough Hype points to compete in the first Cash Cup of Season 6. We will continue the Monday Trios Cash Cups, Saturday Solo Cash Cups, and Sunday LTM Tournaments from Season 5.

    “FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6 will begin on April 22. As a reminder, the format will still be Trios, as it will be for all of 2021.

    “The start date should give players plenty of time to find their Trios partners, get accustomed to the new season, and allow us to make any necessary adjustments before the start of FNCS.

    “Speaking of adjustments, we’re evaluating different options for tweaking how teams qualify through Series Points, and fine-tuning scoring systems and formats for all competitive offerings.

    “We’ll share more details on the next FNCS season, along with the mid year event, soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy the rest of this season’s FNCS.”

    This is the first bit of news being shared by Epic Games, but more is expected to be announced ahead of the big launch.

    One big leak this week includes an update regarding the launch of the final Fortnite Season 5 event.

    Dataminers have found the first clues of what will be changing next, with the map seeing tweaks before the end of Season 5.

    The first gamers might notice is NPCs being transported to different locations around the map, with in-game communications being affected too.

    Dataminers have also found clues that in-game audio could be affected by the Zero Point when player characters get close to it.

    This could even extend to voice chat, which could make for some interesting encounters before the end of Fortnite Season 5.

    However, fans are still waiting for the big leak that will give a clear clue on what is being planned for just before the launch of Season 6.

    For now, all we know is that something should be kicking off before March 15, the official day the current Battle Pass ends.

    Published at Thu, 04 Mar 2021 03:08:29 +0000

    Fortnite Season 6 coming out with competitive change and Season 5 live event


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