Fortnite season 7: When is Fortnite season 7 release date? When does season 6 end?


    Fortnite season 7 release date could have been revealed following the Fortnite season 6 launch. On Tuesday March 16 Fortnite season 6 finally arrived, after a lengthy season 5 run which lasted for over three months. And Fortnite season 6 kicked off in spectacular fashion with the Zero Crisis Finale live event. Unlike other live events, this Fortnite season 6 opener was a single player story mission.

    It was unlike anything Epic Games had done before, and shows despite Fortnite being around for almost four years Epic aren’t afraid to regularly innovate and shake-up the formula fans know so well.

    We’ll have to wait and see whether Epic Games can manage to top the Zero Crisis Finale with the Fortnite season 7 launch, or if that Battle Pass will arrive in a more low key fashion.

    But fans don’t have as long to wait in between seasons to find out.

    It looks like Fortnite season 6 will be much shorter compared to Fortnite season 5.

    Fortnite season 5 launched at the start of December 2020 and finished mid-March 2021.

    Whereas Fortnite season 6 looks like it could run for just under three months.

    According to Fortnite leaker @VastBlastt, Fortnite season 6 is ending on Tuesday June 8 2021.

    VastBlast tweeted: “Chapter 2 Season 6 ends June 8th!”

    If that’s the case then Fortnite season 7 could launch on the same day too.

    Epic Games has delayed Fortnite seasons in the past, so we’ll have to wait and see whether Fortnite season 7 does launch on June 8 or if it could arrive a bit later on.

    What Fortnite season 7 could bring to the table remains to be seen as well. But there is one high profile – and already confirmed upcoming addition – that fans are eagerly waiting for.

    Epic Games previously revealed that Fortnite will be moving to Unreal Engine 5 in 2021.

    This will mark a huge shake-up to the long running Battle Royale shooter, and will bring with it a major – and likely spectacular – visual overhaul.

    As of yet Epic Games hasn’t confirmed when Fortnite will be moving onto UE5 or not. But it is likely to coincide with the launch of a new Battle Pass.

    Major changes to Fortnite have historically launched alongside new Battle Passes, and it would be a surprise if Epic changed this for the UE5 launch given it’s such a seismic change.

    Whether Unreal Engine 5 arrives in Fortnite with season 7 – or further down the line – we’ll have to wait and see. But will keep you up to date on all the latest Fortnite news and developments.

    Published at Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:42:12 +0000

    Fortnite season 7: When is Fortnite season 7 release date? When does season 6 end?


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