How to order free lateral flow tests


Free packs of rapid lateral flow tests can be posted to people’s homes or collected at several places across the country. The tests involve rubbing a swab over the tonsils and inside the nose, much like a normal PCR Covid test. The rapid tests can give a result in around 30 minutes and do not have to be posted away for testing.

It is recommended people carry out a rapid test twice a week.

This is because some one in three people are unaware they have COVID-19 as they do not show symptoms, according to the NHS website.

Rapid tests can help to find cases of the virus which may previously have gone unidentified.

People who test positive on a lateral flow test for COVID-19 then need to self-isolate and order a PCR test.

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If someone chooses to collect their tests, they can collect a total of two packs at a time, which equates to 14 lateral flow tests.

Lateral flow tests can also be ordered via phone on 119 if someone cannot order them online.

Phone lines are open from 7am until 11pm and calls are free of charge.

Rapid tests are also available at lateral flow testing sites, but these may require an appointment to be booked in advance.

Published at Fri, 14 May 2021 13:37:21 +0000

How to order free lateral flow tests


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