Huawei rivals Apple with a new Windows PC that’s just like the iMac


The iMac has long offered Apple fans a clutter-free way of using a desktop PC with this iconic machine featuring a screen – and all of the technology to power it – in a neatly-packaged all-in-one design. This is the ultimate computer for your desk if you’re happy using Apple’s macOS software but those who prefer Windows won’t miss out for much longer.

Chinese technology firm Huawei has just revealed its new iMac rival called the MateStation X and it looks pretty impressive.

This PC was shown off at the Mobile World Congress technology showcase in Barcelona with it featuring a massive 28-inch 4K screen that, unlike the iMac, is almost totally bezel-free.

In fact, this display covers around 92 percent of the whole device and there’s no chunky chin in sight.

Another bonus of this panel is that it offers a full touchscreen experience which means you can whizz around your applications using just your finger.

The screen also tilts for an improved viewing angle and Huawei is promising stunning colours and an anti-reflective layer to help you see what’s on the display.

All of the technology to power this device is tucked inside the metal stand with this PC getting a AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor, 16GB of memory and a 512GB hard drive to store all of your files.

There’s also a wireless keyboard with a fingerprint scanner plus both USB-A and USB-C ports which are hidden out of view to create a minimalistic design.

There’s no word on a price or official launch date yet but hopefully Huawei will reveal more on that soon.

Along with that desktop PC, Huawei has also revealed a new e-reader.

Dubbed the MatePad Paper, this tablet boasts an expansive 10.3-inch display which, as the name suggests, can also be used as a digital note pad.

This device even arrives with support for a stylus, which lets you scrawl handwritten notes on the e-ink screen. This M Pencil supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and a mere 26-millisecond latency, which Huawei says will ensure that writing notes will feel like pen on paper.

Published at Sat, 05 Mar 2022 07:45:00 +0000

Huawei rivals Apple with a new Windows PC that’s just like the iMac


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