PS5 News: PlayStation 5 restock WARNING, Xbox Series X surprise, new Switch Pro rival


    PS5 new is dominated by gamers trying to buy a console from the likes of John Lewis, Currys, Argos and Game.

    And the latest restock is happening this week but comes with a PlayStation 5 warning for those hoping to snap up a next-gen gaming machine.

    While the likes of Currys and John Lewis are expected to offer more PS5 stock this week, it will likely happen early.

    According to one reliable PS5 stock tracker, John Lewis will be offering its next drop very early in the UK.

    This is to avoid issues with the John Lewis site crashing whilst customers are trying to buy consoles.

    Console hunters are being warned that they will need to be up and ready to purchase a PS5 from 5am GMT onwards.

    We don’t have an exact date for the next PS5 stock drop, so customers will need to keep an eye out for updates between March 8 and March 12.

    The news was shared online by the PS5 Instant Stock Tracker account on Twitter, who told gamers today:

    “John Lewis planned drop next week, very early morning to prevent their site crashing. Very, Currys and AO have been updating their PS5 pages in anticipation of next week

    “JL can’t do a reasonable time, their website just can’t take it. They’ve tried 8 am a few times and it’s a horrible experience for everyone.

    “They tried 7 am, the website still crashed. The last drop was around 5 am and their website was fine, so I believe around that time.”

    And while the PS5 remains one of the leading new consoles to buy, the Xbox Series X has a few surprises too.

    Away from the leading Xbox Game Pass subscription service, another quirk has been spotted by owners.

    As spotted by gamers this week, Microsoft has started testing the new Edge browser, including on Xbox Series X.

    This may also open up the Xbox Series X to perform more functions, with Microsoft confirming last year:

    “We’re committed to not only making it easy for developers to bring their Chromium-based extensions into our store, but also to make it simple for users to find them. We will be making a significant update to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons site to make it more visually appealing—new categories, new search capabilities, and a new layout will get those extensions in front of customers. Expect to see this roll out starting this month.”

    Other big news this week includes the launch of a new console rival from Nintendo.

    The new and improved Nintendo Switch console will reportedly support 4K visuals when docked and will include games Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

    It should be noted that Nintendo has shared no release date or official announcement, but there is one key thing to remember.

    If the Switch Pro is announced, there will probably be similar issues in buying one as we see with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

    The base Nintendo Switch console remains out of stock at many UK retailers, and while stock constraints on other products are expected to end later this year, it seems likely that the Nintendo Switch Pro will face similar issues.

    Published at Mon, 08 Mar 2021 03:21:54 +0000

    PS5 News: PlayStation 5 restock WARNING, Xbox Series X surprise, new Switch Pro rival


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