PS5 pre-order latest following exciting news for PlayStation VR fans


PS5 pre-order latest following exciting news for PlayStation VR fans

While PS5 gamers won’t have it at launch, a new PlayStation VR headset looks to be in development.

Sony has confirmed that it will continue to support the PSVR headset on the PlayStation 5, with plenty of new projects to look forward to.

Getting hold of a PS5 pre-order is providing just as difficult as feared, with plenty of next-gen fans waiting for the next update.

So far, there has been no news on when the new batch of pre-orders will be made available but at least one more wave has been guaranteed before the November release date.

And while virtual reality fans will be happy to hear this, they will also want to know more about Sony’s future plans.

Interestingly enough, some new patents have come to light that could provide a hint at what’s coming next

According to a new report from Tom’s Guide, Sony has filed a patent with WIPO, which includes a new controller design.

The filing also suggests that the PSVR 2 will boast a controller that would signicantly upgrade from the aged PlayStation Move.

The noted change in design would provide controllers that mimic knuckledusters and would likely rely on an updated Camera.

Further analysis of the design from Letsgodigital adds: “There is a sturdy handle and there are several controls on the controller that you can operate with your thumb and index finger.

“Think of a joystick and several physical buttons. Optionally, a touch sensor and a trigger button can also be fitted, as stated in the patent description.

“The user must wear a Virtual Reality headset with a front-facing camera – similar to the PSVR2 headset reported by LetsGoDigital in October last year. The controller is provided with several light-emitting parts that are placed on the curved surface.

“These light-emitting parts are detected by the camera of the VR headset. An image sensor with visible light or infrared can be used for this. Subsequently, the position and position of the motion controller can be accurately determined using this information.”

It’s unclear if this patent will ever be used by Sony, and there’s no guarantee it will be part of any new PSVR package.

And while Sony hasn’t said much about the PSVR 2, or any other upcoming VR projects, they have reaffirmed their commitment to the Virtual Reality market.

That’s great news for VR gamers, who will have to wait and see what new tech Sony are working on for the future.

A recent financial report from Sony adds: “Through introducing new technologies in speed, haptics and sound, we can further improve on the exclusive experience available on the PS4, and aim to make the PS5 a truly next-generation console by providing game experiences that were not possible before.

“Games for the PS5 that deliver this new gaming experience are being made by 1st, 2nd and 3rd party developers, and we plan to introduce a compelling line-up of titles to our users In executing these strategies, greater emphasis will be placed on user engagement.

“SIE plans to provide content for a variety of game genres and formats, and make advances in unique and immersive interactive experiences such as VR. At the same time, SIE aims to create a better user experience, improve usability, and strengthen its use of data analysis.

“Making the best use of new and existing partnerships while driving growth will be important for achieving further expansions in scale. Through maintaining the momentum and ecosystem that PS4 built up until now, we will promote a smooth transition to the PS5.”

Published at Mon, 28 Sep 2020 01:43:37 +0000


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