Elvis ‘alive’: Fans believed lookalike singing preacher was The King ‘Come out of HIDING!’


Elvis ‘alive’: Fans believed lookalike singing preacher was The King ‘Come out of HIDING!’

lived and died at Graceland, dying of a heart attack on August 16, 1977. Two days later The King’s funeral took place, but some fans are convinced Elvis is alive today. And one of the most popular theories concerns a man named Bob Joyce.

Joyce is a singing preacher from Benton, Arkansas, who not only has a stark resembled to Elvis, but also sounds just like him.

The conspiracy theory suggests that The King faked his own death to live a quiet and humble life as a Christian pastor, just one state over from Tennessee.

Tom Mennel, who has seen Pastor Bob singing on YouTube, is convinced he is the real deal.

He said: “I have been an Elvis fan since I was six years old and now I am 61-years-old”

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He added: “To me Mr Joyce is Elvis and I do hope one day he will stand up and say who he is.”

Misty Sullivan commented under one of Joyce’s videos: “My aunt has seen Elvis when she lived in Memphis and she says that is him.

“She’s been to five of his concerts and she says that is him.”

Sophi Mour said: “Absolutely the face, body and voice is you. The way you move your hands, your walking, your humour and your smile is definitely the King.”

But now Elvis expert Billy Stallings Spy Guy has tracked down Pastor Bob in his latest video. Billy drove to Arkansas, first stopping off at the preacher’s church, which was closed.

And the next day he knocked on Pastor Bob’s front door to set the record straight on if he was really Elvis or not. The King’s lookalike answered the door, having been awoken from his nap. The Elvis expert explained who he was and that he wanted to debunk the conspiracy theory.

Sadly, we don’t see Pastor Bob’s face in the video, but the fact that Spa Guy went to his church first and regularly interviews people who knew Elvis or are connected to him in some way makes it seem likely that this really is him.

Asking the singing preacher if he’s Elvis, he replied: “No I’m not Elvis. Lots of people ask me that.”

He also confirmed that he was only 68-years-old when The King would have been 85 this year. Although, Pastor Bob is around 6ft which is reportedly how tall Elvis was.

Asked about his life, the preacher said how The Lord gave him dreams about preaching in different countries.

He admitted: “I got started and I was trying to tell everybody, ‘No, I’m not Elvis.”

Pastor Bob added: “Jesus is my message, my song, my life. That’s what it’s all about.”

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