PS5 pre-order STOCK: How to secure a next-gen PlayStation console for launch


PS5 pre-order STOCK: How to secure a next-gen PlayStation console for launch

After months of waiting, Sony finally revealed the  price and release date during an event earlier this week.

The PS5 has been given a November 12 release date in USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

Fans in the UK and rest of the world will have to wait until November 19 for the PS5 to launch.

The digital only version of the console will be available for £359, while the version with a disc drive costs £449.

Unfortunately, however, the console has proven so popular that many fans have been left unable to pre-order a unit for launch.

If you were unable to secure a PS5 console ahead of the November release date, then there are one or two options available to you.

First of all, you should probably go ahead and bookmark the Stock Informer website.

Not only does Stock Informer give users an up-to-date insight into availability, but it also shows where the PS5 was most recently in stock.

Better yet, fans can sign up to receive PS5 stock notifications. It’s also worth doing this for individual stores like Argos and GAME, where you can still register your interest in the PS5.

While this may seem like a lost cause, it’s worth remembering that a lot of stores haven’t actually received their stock allocations.

When you factor in last-minute cancellations and the potential for additional stock, there’s still a chance of securing a console at launch.

At the time of writing, the only place selling PS5 pre-orders is eBay, which means paying over the odds to secure a launch unit.

“Buy it Now” prices typically start at £650 for the digital-only console, and £750 for the regular version. 

You might be able to get a better deal by joining an auction, although you need to be extremely careful not to fall for scams.

While there are various safeguards in place to protect customers from fake items, it’s worth doing your research on the seller and taking screengrabs of any item listings you plan to bid on.

CEX is also likely to have PS5 consoles in stock on day-one, although similar to eBay, you can expect to pay far more than the recommended retail price.

In addition to the price and release date, the recent PlayStation 5 Showcase gave fans a look at some upcoming new games for the console.

The event kicked off with a spectacular look at  – at least for a limited time.

A new Harry Potter spinoff game –  – was also announced, while gameplay was shown for PS5 launch title Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Capcom was busy during the event, announcing Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition for PS5, and showing more of Resident Evil 8: Village.

The stream ended with a teaser for a brand new God of War game in 2021.

Published at Fri, 18 Sep 2020 11:28:00 +0000


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