PS5 stock news: Big challenge ahead for next-gen pre-order customers


PS5 stock news: Big challenge ahead for next-gen pre-order customers

That’s according to one industry analyst that predicts and Xbox Series X consoles will be the must-have items of the holiday season. We’ve already seen just how high demand is right now for next-gen consoles, with plenty of people still waiting to put down a pre-order. But while it looks like some will get the chance before the November release date, getting a console during 2020 is going to prove difficult.

Demand will remain high going into early 2021 and this pull will also have either positive effects for gaming companies.

One is that there will be a surge in subscriptions for the likes of Sony and Microsoft, while we can also expect to see boosts in other areas.

This news comes from a new post by NPD’s Mat Piscatella, who provides a rundown of solid gaming predictions each year.

His latest NPD report explains: “While there is always high uncertainty in a console transition year, 2020 has obvious additional factors at play that did not exist in prior periods.

“It would be difficult to overstate the impact that pandemic-driven changes in consumer behavior have had on the video game market. A surge in video game players and engagement through the spring and summer months depleted market inventory of existing hardware, while fueling a corresponding surge in content and accessory spending.

“The impact of these changes is expected to continue throughout the remainder of the year.”

Commenting on the next-gen launches planned for November, Piscatella adds: “I’ll start with the most obvious prediction. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles should be among the hottest holiday gifting items of 2020. Units will be tough to find with continued strong demand into 2021.

“The surge in hardware demand seen throughout the spring and summer months of 2020 has left inventories for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles lean, leaving little incentive to price promote.

“While some bundling for legacy hardware may exist, particularly around Black Friday, I do not see price promotion being a significant factor in the holiday 2020 market.

“Subscription spending will surge – This area has been a growth segment for some time, but an emphasis on these services with next generation consoles will lead to a sharp uptick for early adopters. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be a primary driver.”

However, since then PS5 pre-orders have been like gold dust – with no major retailers having any stock available for the highly anticipated next-generation console.

But this could be about to change very shortly with rumours emerging that PS5 pre-order wave 3 stock will be available this week.

And the next PS5 pre-order stock drop is rumoured to be taking place during Amazon Prime Day 2020, which is being held on Tuesday October 13 and Wednesday October 14.

The rumour comes courtesy of YouTuber Jake Randall who in a video online said the PS5 pre-order wave 3 stock will be the “largest shipment yet”.

Randall, who emphasised this is rumoured information, was talking specifically about inbound PS5 stock for gamers in the US.

However, if Amazon are planning on launching PS5 stock for Prime Day in North America then hopefully the retailer will also do the same for gamers in the UK and Europe.

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