Queen and Adam Lambert: Singer PRAISES Brian May and Roger Taylor – ‘I’ve learned so much’


Queen and Adam Lambert: Singer PRAISES Brian May and Roger Taylor – ‘I’ve learned so much’

Ever since teaming up for a live performance on American Idol, Queen and have been collaborating for the best part of a decade. While no one can replace Freddie Mercury and the last thing Queen wanted was an imitation, Adam Lambert has managed to fit right in with and Roger Taylor. Now the trio is releasing a live album together and Lambert says he still pinches himself that such a thing is really happening.

Appearing on The One Show with May and Taylor video-calling in, the 38-year-old said: “I do consider myself so lucky.

“It is an honour to be performing with legends like Brian and Roger.

“I’ve learned so much from them, both on stage as a musician, but also as a man [and] as a person.

“Travelling around the world with these gentlemen… it’s been the crowning achievement for me in my career.”

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The singer added: “Beyond that we had so much fun putting it together and rehearsing it.

“We all looked at it each other after the first few times of playing it and went, ‘This is really fun, we love this!’

The single follows The Show Must Go On, a track Freddie sadly never had the chance to perform live before his death.

On recording the song for Queen album Innuendo, May said: “I finished mapping out the song, sang the whole thing as a demo, including the added ‘Wings of Butterflies’ section, which somehow appeared in my head very late one night, and I played it to him when he was next in the studio.”

The Queen guitarist added: “The melody called for some very demanding top notes, and I’d only been able to ‘demo’ them in falsetto.

“I said to Freddie, ‘I don’t want you to strain yourself – this stuff isn’t going to be easy in full voice, even for you!’ He said, ‘Don’t worry – I’ll f***ing nail it, Darling!’”

“He then downed a couple of his favourite shots of vodka. Propped himself up against the mixing desk, and… delivered one of the most extraordinary performances of his life. In the final mix of The Show Must Go On, when you get to ‘On with the Show’, you are listening to a man who conquered everything to deliver his finest work.”

Queen and Adam Lambert’s Live Around The World is released on October 2, 2020.

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