Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date latest ahead of new season


Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date latest ahead of new season

Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy will be the game’s next major expansion and it looks set to drop later this month.

Ubisoft hasn’t provide a firm release date yet for its next operator pack but they have made it easier to get involved before the latest DLC drops.

Across all major platforms, Rainbow Six Siege has been discounted, meaning you can pick it up for cheap on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

The deluxe version of the game can be picked up for $10 and means you can be ready before the next update is released.

The Deluxe Edition includes the full game, 8 Operators from Year 1 and 8 Operators from Year 2.

And it will be quite an interesting time to test out R6, with Operation Shadow Legacy set to change things up.

Unlike previous Operations, Shadow Legacy is set to bring just one new Operator to the game, Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher.

He will be armed with a powerful new intel-gathering gadget and a deadly new assault rifle. But Shadow Legacy’s Sam Fisher might not be the biggest part of the new update.

A host of gameplay modifications that will change the way you play Siege have also been announced and include some much-requested features.

Things like Ping 2.0, new and updated optics, a hard-breaching secondary gadget, pooled reinforcements, and map ban will be part of R6: Shadow Legacy.

All of these updates, plus a rework of the Chalet map and the new match replay feature, will make this a massive new update for fans to enjoy.

More details regarding the new Rainibow Six update can be found below: “It starts with Sam Fisher joining Team Rainbow under the callsign “Zero.”

“He’s a medium-speed, medium-armor Attacker who sports his signature SC-3000K assault rifle or an MP7 as his primary weapon, and packs a 5.7 USG sidearm with an integrated suppressor. His gadget, the Argus launcher, not only has three green lasers in a triangle pattern (in keeping with Fisher’s iconic headgear), it also brings a versatile new intelligence-gathering tool to the attacking team.

“Argus projectiles can be fired into breakable and reinforced surfaces to burrow through and create camera vision on both sides of the barrier. This turns walls, floors, hatches, and ceilings into potential peek points for Zero and his allies.

“Although these two-way cameras can only look in one direction at a time, they offer a powerful way to get a look into a room the Defenders don’t want you to see.

“Even if they can’t burrow all the way through, Zero’s camera projectiles will still stick into most surfaces, allowing players to shoot cameras into sneaky spots to gain an edge on their opponents. Each Argus projectile can also fire a single laser to destroy enemy gadgets or deal minor damage to enemies themselves.

“Zero’s gadget is a powerful new tool for the Attacking team, so Defenders will want to keep their eyes and ears peeled. The projectiles make a distinct sound when burrowing into place, and can be easily destroyed with a bullet. Electrified surfaces will destroy the projectiles on contact.

“Also, Mute jammers will keep them from functioning, while Wamai and Jäger’s gadgets will snap up any that fly by. But with so many places to deploy his gadget from relative safety, and so many ways to put it to use, Zero is sure to make his presence felt on Team Rainbow.”


Ubisoft has yet to confirm a solid release date for Shadow Legacy on any platform yet.

But the good news is that we can provide a rough schedule on when we can expect the big patch to land across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Based on previous behaviour, Ubisoft may schedule the Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date for the week of September 14.

That doesn’t mean it will launch on that day but there’s a good chance things could get rolling around that date.

Expect more news to be shared by Ubisoft in the coming days if the new season launch is happening next week.

Published at Tue, 08 Sep 2020 02:20:25 +0000


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