Save 45% on the Philips True Wireless Headphones with extra-long battery life


Making the transition from wired headphones to a Bluetooth pair takes a fair bit of consideration for some, with some common misconceptions holding people back.

The first of these misconceptions is that once you make the switch to wireless headphones you’ll constantly be battling with a dead battery. This issue is easily negated by investing in wireless headphones with a trusty battery, such as the Philips True Wireless Headphones. After one charge, you can enjoy listening to audio for up to four continuous hours, with an additional eight hours of charge in the charging case – more than enough for a few days out and about.

One of the other most commonly held misconceptions about wireless headphones is that they’ll be constantly falling out and you’ll lose one (or both) of the earbuds soon after you buy a pair. In fairness, there are many brands of Bluetooth headphones that aren’t up to scratch in this arena, but according to the reviews, this pair by Philips is adept at staying in place. One reviewer said: “These are very, very comfortable with three types of inner ear rubber pieces supplied, they also stay in my ears.

“I usually struggle with inner ear headphones, they tend to fall out of my ear and hurt after a while so I have always steered clear of them. For me this is a really important aspect of these headphones, I can put them in my ears and they don’t fall out or hurt while in place.”

Another big win for these headphones is that they are splash and sweat resistant, so they’ll easily be able to handle a sweaty workout or a jog in some light rain without you worrying about them breaking.

If you tend to use your headphones more for work calls and video chats than working out, this pair is still a worthy investment, With the earbud microphone, echo reduction, and voice assistant you can easily take calls when you’re out and about without having to even touch your phone.

If all of this is making it sound like these might be the headphones for you, you’re in luck – because they’re on sale now. Usually retailing for £49.99, they’re currently 44 percent off, so you can get a pair for just £27.99.

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Published at Tue, 25 May 2021 13:21:07 +0000

Save 45% on the Philips True Wireless Headphones with extra-long battery life


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