The Beatles: John Lennon DEFENDS Yoko Ono in TV interview – ‘She DIDN’T split The Beatles’


The Beatles: John Lennon DEFENDS Yoko Ono in TV interview – ‘She DIDN’T split The Beatles’

The Beatles powered through the decades with a strong and stable career for a long time. Although the fab four were perhaps at their most popular in the late ’60s, the band came to the decision that they were going to split up in 1970. While a number of reasons were behind this untimely cancellation of The Beatles, a number of people blamed John Lennon‘s wife Yoko Ono for the split.

A year later, in September of 1971, Lennon and Ono appeared on the Dick Cavett show.

During their time chatting with the talkshow host they discussed the end of the legendary band.

And while Cavett was eager to bring up the suggestion that Ono had brought the band to an end, Lennon was keen to defend her.

Before Ono had a chance to answer, Lennon jumped in to point out an extremely good point.

“Well if she did it,” he interjected. “Can we please give her the credit for all the nice music that George [Harrison] made, and Ringo [Starr] made, and Paul [McCartney] made.

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While there is a number of stories from various members of the band about why they split, there is not one definitive reason.

Previously Lennon spoke to Jann Wenner in 1970 about the end of the band.

On the actual event of bringing the band to an end, Lennon confessed: “When I got back [from Toronto] there were a few meetings and Allen said: ‘Cool it’.

“‘Cause there was a lot to do [with The Beatles] business-wise, and it wouldn’t have been suitable at the time.”

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