Update your Galaxy now! Samsung releases huge upgrade to your camera, here’s what’s new


Own a Galaxy smartphone? You might want to check the settings without delay as Samsung has begun pushing out a blockbuster release for a swathe of devices including the S21, S22 and Z Flip 3. The One UI 4.1 update, which will be also be coming to the Note 20, Note 10 and Galaxy S10 in the coming weeks, includes changes to the camera along with better image sharing and an easy way to make sure emails and messages sent from the phone aren’t full of typos.

The first big upgrade arriving in One UI 4.1 is the introduction of an Expert RAW mode when shooting photos.

This ultimate format offers improved ways to edit photographs and is often what professional snappers use to make sure their images look pixel perfect. Samsung says that Expert RAW gives you complete creative freedom, from brightening or darkening photos with ISO controls to choosing between multiple lenses to capture any subject or scene.

If that all sounds a bit too complicated don’t panic as there’s another camera upgrade that everyone will love using.

Samsung’s new Object eraser helps clean up images after they’ve been snapped with users given the option to get rid of people, objects, shadows and reflections without needing any Photoshop skills.

A simple tap of the ‘Erase shadows’ or ‘Erase reflections’ button will things disappear in and instant and make those holiday snaps look perfect every time.

The next big change will be welcomed by anyone who love to share their life on platforms such as Instagram with Samsung promising a more simplified and streamlined photo sharing experience.

That’s all thanks to images being automatically optimised with clever software able to crop and rotate photo without you having to lift a finger.

All you have to do is simply select an image to share and an icon will alert you if your device detects potential improvements. Click on the icon and watch as the image is automatically adjusted, rotated or cropped before it’s shared.

As part of the update, users can also enjoy Quick Share, a feature that allows you to instantly send multiple photos, videos and files at once. Just click the ‘Share’ button and select the desired recipient to transfer anything with ease.

The final upgrade isn’t to do with the camera but it’s certainly useful.

Samsung teamed up with Grammarly to create a smarter keyboard that goes beyond simply picking up typos.

With Grammarly seamlessly integrated into Samsung Keyboard, you’ll automatically receive expert writing improvements as you type to ensure you feel confident every time you press send. You will also have the opportunity to get more advanced suggestions — such as ideas to improve sentence clarity, find compelling synonyms, write with fluency.

There’s no official time line on the rollout of One UI 4.0 but Samsung has confirmed that all of these devices will get this boost at some point over the coming weeks and months.

Galaxy Z Fold3 • Galaxy Z Flip3 • Galaxy S21 series • Galaxy A series • Tab S7 FE • S20 series • Note series, • S10 series.

Published at Thu, 17 Mar 2022 07:28:03 +0000

Update your Galaxy now! Samsung releases huge upgrade to your camera, here’s what’s new


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