Windows 10 users offered an upgrade MacBook fans can only dream of …but there’s a catch


Windows 10 users offered an upgrade MacBook fans can only dream of …but there’s a catch

users have a new laptop vying for their attention and this latest machine has one huge advantage over all of its rivals, including Apple’s MacBook. That’s because the new Yoga PC from Lenovo includes instant access to 5G data speeds – a world-first, the company says.

If you didn’t already know, 5G is the next generation of mobile networks that with it offering data speeds of over 300Mbps – that’s around six times faster than average UK broadband can muster and would allow users to download a full HD movie in a matter of minutes.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx 5G compute platform the new Yoga can seamlessly switch between your home Wi-Fi and a 5G data connection.

Not only does this mean the laptop can access fast speeds when we all get back out on the road, but it also allows owners to the peace of mind that they should never miss a Zoom call even if their broadband begins to stutter. Like the smartphone in your pocket, it also means your laptop will be able to keep your inbox updated so that everything is ready and waiting for you the next time you sit down and flip open the lid.

Along with support for superfast 5G connections, there’s also the usual Yoga design which allows the laptop to flip over for a more tablet-style experience and there’s an almost bezel-free 14-inch Full HD IPS touch display for viewing your content and spreadsheets on.


Lenovo is also boasting a very impressive 24-hour battery life which should mean you’ll easily get through a day without needing to plug it in.

So, that all sounds very impressive, but what is the catch?

To launch this PC, Lenovo has joined forced with EE which is no bad thing considering this is currently the UK network with the most comprehensive 5G signal. However, you can only buy the Lenovo Yoga 5G through EE on a monthly contract and it’s pretty pricey.

To have one sat proudly on your lap you’ll need to fork out £125 per month if you are a non-EE customer or £112.50 per month if you have a pay monthly through the network. That pricing is over 24-months meaning it could end up costing as much as £3,000 to own this new laptop. Ouch!

Admittedly, that price does include 80GB of monthly data along with inclusive Microsoft Office 365 for 12 months and Lenovo Premium Care but it’s still a lot of money for a laptop – let alone a Windows 10 one, which tend not to hold their value as much as their Apple counterparts on the resale market.

Speaking about the partnership Marc Allera, CEO, BT Consumer division said “Our customers already enjoy the UK’s best mobile experience, and as leaders in 5G, those with the Lenovo Yoga 5G on EE will be able to make the most from our super-fast, high capacity network. As Lenovo’s exclusive partner in the UK, we will help customers get to grips with what this innovative PC has to offer on the go, whether that’s for work, online gaming, or watching the latest HD movies”.

One final thing to note before hitting the buy button is that 5G is slowly rolling out across the UK and there’s still vast areas which don’t have access to this signal just yet. It’s worth checking that 5G is strong where you live or else you can have a very expensive laptop in your home that doesn’t download files quite as fast as you may have hoped.

Published at Mon, 05 Oct 2020 06:17:00 +0000


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