Andrea Bocelli releases BEAUTIFUL duet Pianissimo with Cecilia Bartoli – WATCH music video


Andrea Bocelli releases BEAUTIFUL duet Pianissimo with Cecilia Bartoli – WATCH music video

The internationally acclaimed Italian tenor has released another beautiful single ahead of his upcoming new album Believe. Following Andrea Bocelli’s You’ll Never Walk Alone is a duet called Pianissimo, sung with the sensational mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli. The classical singers appear in an intimate music video of the track together, which you can view below.

Pianissimo was composed by Mauro Malavasi, who has worked alongside Bocelli for almost three decades.

The brand new duet’s minimalist elegance was inspired by the French avant-garde composer Erik Satie.

Bocelli said of Pianissimo: “Pianissimo is an enlightened dialogue between a couple who feel God’s gaze and love move through their romantic relationship.

“As is often found in Malavasi’s compositions, the piano is centre stage as it accompanies the singers’ intertwined melodies.”

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Of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bocelli, Bartoli and Krauss had to record the duets remotely.

The Italian tenor said: “In compliance with local health precautions, we opted to record the songs separately: Cecilia in Monte Carlo and Alison in Nashville.

“Of course, before and after, we got together over video calls several times to optimise the recording and sing “together”, albeit at a distance!”

The new album Believe also includes an unreleased track composed by Ennio Morricone, who sadly died this year at the age of 91.

Praising Morricone, Bocelli said: “It’s a little musical gem within the new album. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Maestro Morricone several times, singing for him and being able to express all my admiration in person.

“The song was composed a few weeks before he passed away, after a long life that has given us those immortal melodies. The musical sketches left by the Maestro included a solo line and a verse.

“Subsequently, an arrangement was prepared that restores a hymn that starts with a whisper and grows to become the voice – and prayer – of the whole world.”

Andrea Bocelli’s Believe is released on Sugar/Decca Records on November 13, 2020 and can be pre-ordered here.

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