Crusader Kings 3 console commands: How to use cheats in CK3


Crusader Kings 3 console commands: How to use cheats in CK3

Using cheats in CK3 on Steam is a pretty simple affair but isn’t quite as straight forward as with other games.

Crusader Kings 3 console commands require that you take a few additional steps so that you can access everything you need to beat your opponents in the easiest way possible.

Unlike in Crusader Kings 2, you will need to start the game in a different mode to make sure you can get to the CK3 Console Command page.

Here’s the easiest way to do it and a guide on what kind of things you can change when using the console command page.


Paradox Interactive have changed things slightly with the console command page in Crusader Kings 3.

This time around, if you want to change things up in-game, you will need to be running CK3 in Debug Mode.

To do this, you need to right-click on the game in Steam and go to properties, select the Launch Options and type -debug_mode in the window.

After completing this action, you will need to close the window and launch CK3. Now, in the game, hit ~ and it will bring up the console (alternatives reportedly include Shift+3 and Shift+ALT+C).

If you’re playing CK3 via the Xbox Game Pass, another code will need to be used in the command prompt:

Command Prompt: start shell:AppsFolderParadoxInteractive.ProjectTitus_zfnrdv2de78ny!App -debug_mode

When this has been completed, you can then open the game and use the ~ button to access the Crusader Kings Console Command page.

Running the game in Debug Mode is a bit of a chore but it does come with the bonus that you can find buttons enabling certain cheats next to characters and on the screen.

Some of these include adding gold to your kingdom, as well as being able to turn on yesmen mode.

This mode makes it possible to force all characters to reply yes to whatever you demand, making the game a cakewalk.

Using the console command page will make it possible to use a long list of cheats, all of which can be found here on the CK3 wiki page.

Things like changing the age of characters, as well as adding pressed claims, dread, men at arms, Piety and all the other game currencies are all easy to do.

The team at Paradox have also shared a new up-to-date list of issues currently affecting the game, which can be found below:

Currently Known Issues [Updated September 4]

Issues that can be fixed by users

  • [Compatibility][Win 8.1] Title fails to launch on Win 8.1 until Windows Update is run. This issue is resolved by the player running Windows Update

  • [Compatibility] Out of date drivers can cause the map zoom to ‘lock’ and only zoom in/out on Coat of Arms. This issue is resolved by the player updating their drivers

  • [Mac] Paradox launcher not opening when playing from Steam on macOS Catalina. Resolution: Verifying game files (send crash files via our bug reports)

Issues under investigation

  • [Plaza] [Linux] No Achievements available on PDX Plaza on Linux

  • [Engine] [Map Editor] [CTD] – Repacking a heightmap leads to constant crashes (affects modders)

  • [Achievements] Saves are not compatible with any achievement that requires Players to start as specific Character

  • [Save File] Changing data in one of the save files will disable Load Game functionality

  • [Camera] Camera can turn black and rotate entirely out of view if you have a controller plugged in

New issues and directions to solve them

Disabling antivirus

  • A lot of users have experienced issues due to their antivirus blocking the game or files associated with the game. We’ve seen some users be able to bypass a lot of issues by allowing the CK3 app and Launcher to not be flagged by your antivirus.

Disabling ransomware protection on Windows 10

  • From the start menu, type “Ransomware” and go to the Ransomware Protection settings.
  • If Ransomware Protection is on, add ck3.exe and paradoxlauncher.exe to the allowed apps.

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