Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie unlocks SECRET Graceland room ‘Nobody knows about this’


Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie unlocks SECRET Graceland room ‘Nobody knows about this’

It’s not just the fabled upstairs of Graceland that is off limits to everyone. Lisa Marie is one of only two people, with her mother Priscilla, who can access Elvis’ bedroom whenever she wishes. But there is another room hidden somewhere in the grounds of Graceland that houses something incredibly special. Lisa Marie unlocked it in a remarkable video and confessed it is a huge comfort that she can go there when she needs to feel closer to her father.

The extarordinary revelations came during a private tour of Graceland with Oprah Winfrey.

There is a room so secret the cameras were turned off before they got to it so that nobody could figure out where it is concealed on the grounds of Graceland.

It is fireproof, earthquake and tornado-proof. It houses Elvis’ most precious possessions and nothing can be touched without wearing gloves. Once inside, recording started again and a treasure trove was revealed.

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Rows and rows of huge drawers are filled with everything from movie posters to cheques signed by the King himself.

There are clothes packed in tissue paper, including 88 jump suits. There are also over over 60,000 photographs.

Another huge section contains “the fun stuff.”

Instantly recognisable items include sunglasses worn in 1972 and a dazzling array of jewellery like cufflinks and rings studded with huge glittering stones.

Lisa Marie confessed why this room means so much to her.


There is intimate footage inside the Jungle Room, where Lisa Marie simply comments, “If these walls could talk.”

But the craziest antics took place in the pool room.

Lisa Marie says: “Down here particularly, this was just the mayhem room. Pool balls would fly. I just instinctively got into trouble down here, play hide and seek and up to no good.

“He, (Elvis) I found out later, threw a tear gas bomb when everyone was down here. Or laughing gas… It was just this mischievous odd place where if you destroyed it it would somehow recover quickly.”

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